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MomoGre is releasing another drama CD adaption of a famous book, this time they are doing the Phantom of the Opera. オペラ座の怪人~愛と哀しみの鎮魂歌~ (opera no kaijin ~ai to kanashimi no requiem~, The Phantom of the Opera ~A Requiem of Love and Sadness~) is planned for a 2013.05.21release.

The phantom will be voiced by Hirata Hiroaki, Christine by Noto mamiko, Raoul by Hatano Wataru, and the Persian ('Daroga') by Tanaka Atsuko. I'm sure others will be surprised that Daroga is being voiced by a woman (while he is very much male in the original story), but Tanaka Atsuko has a deep voice and has voiced male characters before, so I assume that they haven't suddenly changed his gender and that it will all work out in some way (MomoGre has my complete trust when it comes to adaptions like these).

Ojisama VS Wakazou
Staying with Momogre for a moment, a second CD in their Ojisama VS Wakazou series was announced a while ago. The idea of this series is that it puts veteran seiyuu against younger seiyuu (I'm saying younger, because the difference is not as extreme as the title implies). This second CD has Horiuchi kenyuu VS Sakurai Takahiro.

Storywise The heroine (meaning the listener) is just a normal OL. After breaking up with your boyfriend a couple of years ago you are taking a break from romance as a whole. And then one day Ishinose Minato(?), one of your co-workers, asks you out. In order to reject him you make a plan to draw the attention of his older brother Yuusei and father-and-company-president Yasuaki(?), but the two of them end up falling in love with you for real.

This description leaves me puzzled as there seem to be 3 people involved, and Momogre has given no details on who is voiced by who, although I think it is safe to assume that Yasuaki will be voiced by Horiuchi Kenyuu. The CD is planned for a 2013.04.25 release (in Momogre their own shop, that probably means that it will be available in other places a little later).

I'm a bit late with noticing this, but the Amenesia anime is getting a second drama CD later this month titled "ひとつ隣のアムネシア"(hitotsu tonari no amnesia, the amnesia right next [to me])  The story seems to be an original one, although close to the actual story of the anime. Due to some sort of event the heroine (CV: Nazuka Kaori) starts jumping around worlds again, and to return to her own one she must try to find a 'cube'. Let's hope that Nazuka-san will be able to speak a bit more this time, because I don't think I've heard the heroine utter a single complete sentence in the entire anime (=_=).

And with the release of the Amnesia Crowd game we are also getting a second round of character CDs. Just like before the CDs will have a character song, mini drama, and situation voices. The first one will feature Shin and Toma, and will be released on 2013.06.12. The second one will feature Ikki and Kent and will be released on 2013.07.03, and the third one will feature Ukyo and Orion and will be released on 2013.08.07.

This was one of those series that I have sort of been ignoring because I thought it was more like a character song series, but TsukiUta also has drama parts (and Hosoyan voiced vol.4) so it is time to pay some attention to it.

TsukiUta features two characters each month, one male and one female, who have been created in the image of the month the CD is released in. Thus, the characters for January represent that month, and so on and so forth. The series title 'TsukiUta'  is written in katakana as ツキウタ, but it is pretty obvious that this comes from 月(tsuki, month) and 歌(uta, song), thus a song for each month (^-^) 

The CDs have a prologue, 2 songs, and an epilogue/ mini drama. The first song is different for the male and female versions (they each have their own songs) while the second one is the same for both characters but slightly remixed. All of the songs are written by famous NicoNicosingers/songwriters, so the entire series is a sort of collaboration between the seiyuu and niconico.

The series actually already started in December last year, with Shiwasu Kakeru (CV: Kaji Yuuki) for the male team and Hijiri Kurusu (CV: Kanamoto Hisako) for the female team. Their songs were written by Satsuki ga Tenkomori.

Januari had Mutsuki Hajime (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) for the male team and Hanazono Yuki (CV: Imai Asami) for the female team. Their songs were written by Machigerita.

Februari had a pair of twins: Kisaragi Koi (CV: Masuda Toshiki) for the male team and Kisaragi Ai (CV: Mako) for the female team. Their songs were written by Nijihara Peperon.

March had Yayoi Haru (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) and Momosaki Hina (CV: Ookubu Rumi), their songs were written by Yuuya.

April had Uduki Arata (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) and his childhood friend Togawa Chisa (CV: Nonaka Ai). Their songs were written by ChouchouP

May will have Satsuki Aoi (CV: KENN) and Yuuki Wakaba (CV: Uchiyama Yumi), their songs will be written by Nem.

Releases for the remaining months have only been announced for the guys, there is no word on a continuation on the female side as well.

For June we have Minaduki Rui (CV: Aoi Shouta), who's songs will be written by Yoyoyuppe, and July will feature Fuduki Kai (CV: Hatano Wataru) who's songs will be written by Hitoshizuku and Yama△. CDs for the remaining months ( August~November) have been announced but no info on the seiyuu or songwriters yet.

Besides these CDs a drama CD featuring the male characters from the first 6 months has also been announced. The story will be about the 6 of them forming an unit together and their life in the dormitory of their agency. The drama CD is planned for a 2013.05.10 release.

Our (or my?) prayers have been heard an the series still continues. Not one, but three more CDs have been announced, complete with seiyuu and release date.

Vol.4 will feature a character called 'Tomoki' (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) and will be released on 2013.05.29.

Vol.5 will feature a character called 'Atsushi' (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and will be released on 2013.06.26.

The name of the character for vol. 6 has not been announced yet, but the CD will be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke and will be released on 2013.07.31.

Details about the story and characters will be released through the blog and official site on a later date.

If you know me (or saw my post on tumblr) you can probably guess that I am jumping up and down like an idiot and went over the rainbow into fangirl heaven after seeing this cast list (seriously, the only thing that could have made it better is Hosoya being on that list as well). I already loved the series and after seeing this it has earned my eternal support. Now all that we need is for one of the guys to actually be guilty, that would really make my day.

Just like with Toubousha, 3 more CDs have been announced for this series. Koyasu Takehito will return as the gatekeeper, and the cast for the individual seiyuu for the CDs have also been announced.

Vol.4 will feature Suzumura Kenichi and Toyonaga Toshiyuki. Up to now there was always just one shinigami after your life, so maybe we are getting twin characters or something like that this time? The CD will be released on 2013.05.29.

Vol.5 will feature Maeno Tomoaki, and will be released on 2013.06.29.
Vol.6 will feature Seki Tomokazu, and will be released on 2013.07.31.

Details on the characters and stories will be released on the official site and blog on a later date for this series as well.

Innai Kareshi
Studio Croi is releasing their second drama CD at the end of this month; Innai Kareshi (Hospitalized Boyfriend). When your mother his hospitalized you start to visit the hospital regularly to see her. During this time you meet Mamiya Chihiro (CV: Minagawa Junko) who is hospitalized in the same hospital and you fall in love with each other. However due to Chihiro being hospitalized there is no way you can spend your time as a normal couple...

Besides Chihiro you also meet Kazuraki Souta (CV: Katsunuma Kiyoshi) who is Chihiro his doctor and seen Chihiro as his little brother. He sort of watches over the relationship between Chihiro and you.

This sounds (and looks, just look at that cover!) like I might cry rivers when listening to it, but it is Minagawa Junko voicing a situation CD so I am really really interested in this (I was waiting for her to appear in one)

10nen Hatsukoi
After the CDs for the individual characters a drama CD featuring all of them will also be released.

10 years ago Ryouta hears a rumour that the lookout platform that oversees the city will be demolished. As this is an important place to all of the guys, they come together to try and stop this from happening. And 10 years later all 5 of them come together in their home town once again.

Of course Suzumura Kenichi, Sakurai Takahiro, Namikawa Daisuke, Nakai Kazuya, and Ishida Akira will all be there voicing their respective characters again. The CD is planned for a 2013.05.29 release.

Arc System Works seems to be joining the situation CD market (which surprised me because I mostly know them for Guilty Gear and Blazblue, which are both fighting games... but that aside) with the HumANdroid series.

Somewhere in the near future the Reus Fortner Company has decided to start a new service for women by starting the "RF Lover Type Humandroid Project". Three researchers have developed one of these so caed "HumANdroids" and by seeing which one is the most popular with the ladies the company will decide which one they will turn into the real product. Hearing about this project a rival company calles New-Tech Institute also starts development on a lover type robot...

Three different robots have been developed: the Type-S (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) is an ore-sama type android. he is straight forward, passionate, and forceful. He has been programmed with the idea that women should be protected by their boyfriends. He believes that if he is satisfied with a result, others will be as well. If you praise him he'll try to act even coolespecially in front ohis 'girlfriend'.

Suou Shuuya (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) who developed the Type-S is a bit of a scatterbrain. He is actually quite smart, but often wants to show off and ends up making mistakes because of that, when people look at him with pitiful looks because of this he tends to run away (literally).

The Type-M has an almost puppy-like cute character, he follows his owner around like one as well. At times he'll be selfish or beg for things. His creator is Makabe Osamu, who is described as being 'slightly dangerous'. The love of his life is "research" and he has no interest in women. He is usually a bit sadistic and only finds it troublesome when women try to approach him.

The Type-H is good at housework, and a tsundere (ha?!?). He loves music and is always seen listening to it on his music player. His creator Hououji Kou is the a genius but incredibly bad at housework, which is why he created the Type-H and has him do all the housework for him. He is popular with both men and women, but always gets scolded by his own humANdroid.

Each CD will feature a HumANdroid and their creator, and it sounds like you (the listener) will be a test subject to see how well the HumANdroids function as 'boyfriends'. This probably means that you will get to choose between the two of them in one way or another. So far the last two (Type-H and Kou) seem like the most interesting combo.

Just looking at the names of the HumANdroids I would have thought that they would have a Sadistic, a Masochistic, and a perverted (H, 'ecchi') personality but their character descriptions don't really mention this. I guess we will have wait and see whether this still turns out to be the case or not.

The CD for Type-S and Shuuya will be released on 2013.05.15
The seiyuu and release dates for the other two CDs are still unannounced (although I expects them to be released in June and July).

Kattou CD ~Tenshi to Akuma no Sasayaki Gassen~
Marine entrtainment has announced some new series, the first one being Kattou CD ('Conflict CD'). The concept of the CD is that there are moments in your daily life on which you have to make choices, and sometimes it seems like and angel and a demon appear inside of your head trying to tempt you to make a specific choice.

So is is a CD where these two really appear and try to tempt you to choose their option. Both roles will be voiced by the same seiyuu, and the entire CD is recorded with the dummy head mic.

Vol.1 is voiced by Kishio Daisuke and will be released on 2013.07.24. In this CD all sorts of everyday scenario choices pop up. You are out shopping, and are confronted with various choices throughout the day.

Vol.2 is voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke (you can't have a series with multiple characters voiced by one person without the uncrowned king of said genre now can you?) and will be released on 2013.08.28. In this CD it is raining outside and you need to decide what you will to for the day.

Vol.3 is voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko and will be released on 2013.09.25. In this CD you are right in front of deadline, will you finish your work or....?

Otona no Naraigoto
The second series they are releasing is 'otona no naraigoto' (lessons for adults). That title actually sounds a lot more evil that it is. In each CD you will start with learning something, and your teacher just happens to be very handsome guy, so of course the end result is that you fall in love. The entire CD will be recorded with the dummy head mic.

In the first CD you set out to get your driver's licence, and your instructor is the incredibly strict Aze Mamoru (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). While you are clumsy you are also trying your very best, and Mamoru gradually starts to warm up to your earnest attitude, eventually falling in love with you. Vol.1 will be released on 2013.07.24

In the second CD you are taking golf lessons in preparation for a golf competition at work. Your instructor is Tomori Kaname (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) who above all tries to teach you how much fun golf is. While taking lessons you become more and more interested in golf, and in return Kaname starts to grow interested in you.  Vol.2 will be released on 2013.08.28

In the third CD your parents think you should learn how to be a good bride so they send you to a cooking class. The teacher turns out to be Kanda Yoshihito (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), who is famous from TV. While most of the students are taking the class because they wanted to meet Yoshihito you are just there to learn how to be a better waifu learn how to cook, which results in Yoshihito taking an interest in you. Vol.3 will be released on 2013.09.25.

Kyuuketsuki Darling
As if DiaLovers and Taisho Kyuuketsuki Ibun weren't claiming enough blood already, Marine Entertainment has decided to start a vampire series as well, Kyuuketsuki Darling (Vampire Darling) is a series that is based on the themes 'vampires' and 'marriage'.

Despite using the dummy head mic the teaser site actually mentions that it will be a story about pure love. How you meet, fall in love, and eventually marry.

The site just opened so there is not much to see yet, but the Marine  Entertainment blog provides us with a little bit more info.

Not only your boyfriend is a vampire, you are as well. Good, that means you won't just lose blood this time but get a chance to restock as well. Jokes aside, I think that is a first actually. While I am using the term vampire here the blog post actually uses "吸血体質" (kyuuketsu taishitsu) which would literally mean a "predisposition to bloodsucking" or "a body [that needs to] suck blood". Which basically means a vampire, so I am sticking with that.

It looks like there will 6 different stories. 3 of them feature a normal marriage, and 3 of them an international marriage (in other words, 3 of the vampires are Japanese and 3 of them a foreign).

As for the characters:
Case.1 Kyokudou Hen - Katagiri Ryuuji (? CV: Ono Yuuki)
Case.2 Shitsuji Hen - William Edwards (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)
Case.3 Host Hen - Sakuraba Yuuto (? CV: Taniyama Kishou)
Case.4 Pâtissier Hen - Remy Valier (CV: Nakai Kazuya)
Case.5 Mangaka Hen - Tsukioka Haruki (CV: ???)
Case.6 Ouji Hen -  Azel Asnaan (? CV: ???).

'Kyokudou' can mean something like 'evil' or 'wicked' but it can also refer to the yakuza or underworld. We'll have to wait for more details on the story to see what it is. Looks like the foreign guys will be British, French, and probably Arab.

Bathtime Lovers
Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru is no longer the only bathroom series around: Cineria is also jumping on the bandwagon. They are releasing Bathtime Lovers under their chocokurage brand.

Bathtime Lovers seems to be exactly what it says on the tin, the blog described it as a series where you can experience a lovey-dovey time in the bath with together with your boyfriend.

Two CDs have been announced so far: Vol.1 will feature a Yuki (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki), who is the same age as the listener, and will be released on 2013.05.31. Vol.2 will feature Keiichi (CV: Kuroda Tatsuya), who is older than the listener, and will be released on 2013.06.28

Ore ni Suru? Boku ni Suru?
This was announced quite a while ago but I don't think I covered it at the time.

You met your two friends Masaomi and Sugato(?) at university and have been friends ever since. Both of them like you, but neither of them has had the courage to confess his feelings for you so now you are stuck in a more then friends but less than lovers situation with both of them.

One day when you go drinking together you forget the time and miss the last train, so the three of you decide to crash at Masaomi his place for the night. The only problem: he has only one futon (bed) so and you end up sharing it with both of the guys.

To make things better; this series makes use of the dummy head mic. The CD is planned for a 2013.06.28 release.

While this could be really cute, it is also made by Cineria (well, technically Chocokurage, but it is still written by Aoi Konbu) which makes me expect at least a few stabs to the kokoro. While there has been no mention of a second vol. yet, the description in their store dexcribes it as the first vol of a series, so maybe there will be more in the future.

Oshioki Salesman Iwano Kyousuke
Yes this is BL, but it also Cineria so I can't ignore it. Plus, it has to do with their Aprils Fools joke xD

Cineria their April Fools joke wasn't just a joke: they are launching a new brand called "niche" which will specialize in BL works. And their first work is, exactly, Oshioki Salesman Iwano Kyousuke; the series they announced on April Fools.

Iwano Kyousuke (CV: Hirai Tatsuya = Hirakawa Daisuke) is some sort of salesman. Exactly what he sells and what kind of company he belongs to are unknown though. He always talks very politely, and is usually wearing a 3 piece suit.

His victim customer this time is Motegi Kamui (CV: Yotsuya Saida = Okitsu Kazuyuki). A 25 year old university graduate who failed to find a job and has been doing part time jobs all this time. Kamui is an introvert and has a negative view of the world.

A CM and a preview voice are up on the official site, and it sounds like Iwano is going to be one hell of a do-S. The CD will be released on 2013.05.10. And, this is a "vol.1", which means that we can probably expect more do-S  Iwano in the future


  1. I've been waiting for your new news post :D Thanks so much for taking the time to post this! I always love reading them (and your tumblr posts) so this really made my day. I was looking at all the releases and I could tell how excited you must be~ (so many works with Sakurai and Hirakawa!)

    As for me, I'm hoping that there'll be plenty of opportunities for my bias to voice any new drama CD! So I'll continue to stalk--I mean check your blog for news xD Sorry I haven't commented until now (even though I stumbled across your blog a few months ago), but I wanted you to know that I think your blog is awesome!

    1. Yes so much Sakurai! So much Hirarin!
      Hopefully your bias will get his turn too! (but with the amount of things being released I'm sure his time will come!)

      And thank you for always reading (^-^)

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!~~~~ Cineria really is going to make it real!!!
    I mean the BL's~~~*fainted
    Cuz, i was totally heartbroken when it was only an April's Fool joke, but now it's real!!!! I'm really looking forward to it~~~
    Plus, i didnt know the seiyuu was Hirarin, now i know it, i knew this do worth it~~
    Thanks again for your long post of these new drama cd!!!~
    Each day i came here to see updates from you, and i love it!
    Keep up the good work!^^

  3. HIRATA DOING THE PHANTOM!! I think I'll die listening to this, it has Noto as well and I like her voice a lot... @_@;;
    Did you listen to a drama CD inspired by Les Miserables? Can't remember which seal released it but I've been curious to hear it ever since I saw the recent movie adaptation... because I didn't felt as moved as other people did, maybe the drama CD would have a better effect '-';;

    Looking forward Sakurai in OjiWaka, OtoNara and Toubousha... yay, Toubousha is continuing, I'm also hoping for guilty culprits XD

    Cineria new series looking too good... I hope they live up to the spectations, my fujoshi-self has already exploded listening to the BL CO's "April Fools" samples ^^;

    But no doubt my the most antcipated title is HumANdroid, just because I am a huge android creep and their circuits showing in the promotional image have already caused a wide range of feelings <_<;;

    1. MomoGre released a drama CD based on les Miserables. I'm curious about it as well, but my back log is already so long I can't see the end of it anymore...

  4. First, thanks for this huge news post!
    I saw some nice things I wasn't aware of. fufufu!! ^3^
    I'm really looking forward for Sakupyon's works. And I think I had the same reaction as you when I saw the new Toubousha cast!

    I wasn't interested in the Kyuuketsuki Darling series.... but looking at this cast... I won't be able to resist. x3

    You know. I really like your posts. The only bad effect is that my shopping list grows everytime I read them!! XD

    1. My shopping list growing while I write these posts is one of my own problems as well, haha.

  5. Hirata Hiroaki playing the phantom of the opera, Nakai Kazuya as a vampire, more Amnesia and 10nen...ahhh this post is full of so much goodness to look forward to! Thanks for all the news!