Kyokugen Kareshi ~Chikyuu ga nakunaru 30pun mae~


Label: Cineria
Based on: Original
Released: 2013.03.29
Official site: http://ike-men.net/ci_kyokugen.html

Kyokugen Kareshi is a CD about the end of the world, the last 30min to be more specific. A giant comet will be falling on the earth soon, and there is no escape or hope for survival. You spend these last 30 minutes together with your boyfriend Kishida Hiroto (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa).

The CD starts with Hiroto opening the curtains, saying that the weather is beautiful and that you wouldn't expect weather like this on the day that the earth will end. He sounds remarkably cheery and optimistic. You on the other hand are completely down and crying, so he spends the first few minutes trying to cheer you up. After that you sit together and talk about different things, like how you met, but also about really random things.

Hosoya-san his ability to voice situation CDs in a way that sounds completely realistic more or less makes this CD what it is: a truly bitter sweet story. Hiroto tries to cheer you up in the beginning, which worked in my case so I was able to smile for a large part of it. I know many people have been crying rivers over this CD, but I was able to keep my tears from falling thanks to Hiroto. The only moment where I nearly started crying is when Hiroto his own voice nearly breaks - Hosoya-san voicing nearly crying characters is something that immediately triggers my tears.

One thing that I did not expect in this CD were the kisses. I obviously expected there to be some kissing, but I more or less expected that they would be simple "chu" kisses. And not the sort that leave me all flustered and hoping for more.

True to the title the main story is 30minutes. There is a secret track and a freetalk after that, but both are pretty short. Without spoiling the secret track (because it is the sweetest thing ever) something very similar actually happened to me once, making this seem even more real and leaving me squeeing and wanting to hug Hiroto.

Because of the setting I expected to cry rivers (because I know Cineria their works can cause floods of tears) but thanks to Hiroto trying to cheer you up I managed to keep my tears to myself and even smile instead. If you are wondering whether you would like this because of the setting, don't worry and just listen. It is a very good CD, both in terms of writing and acting.

It mostly left me with the urge to listen to everything that is voiced by Hosoyan because it made me love his voice even more than I did before.


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing XD It gives me courage to try to listen to this CD. Hosoya-san's voice, as you said, sounds really realistic. I also fall for Hiroto's characteristics that Hosoya-san successfully portrays, gentle but not soft, not forceful (like treasure the heroine in unreal way), funny and... oh I can't describe it but Hiroto seems to be so similar to such a person in reality. XD Although I hope this CD to be longer but I'm satisfied with such great performance. But my mood unexpectedly changed abruptly with the bonus tracks. Maybe I prefer this CD without them better. :-p

  2. Like you, I've taken a notice of Hosoya Yoshimasa. He's one of my upcoming new favorites in the newer generation of voice actors. :) Thanks for the review. Time to go listen to this!

  3. Hosoya Yoshimasa XDD he's becoming one of my favourite seiyuus already >////< i first heard him in the Wasurenagusa series as Hijikata, and i must say, i thought he did a really good job XDD i agree with you though, Hiroto seems so real. his voice acting is not... how should i say.. forced? because seiyuus generally sound different when doing situations than when they talk normally (for example, the free talk section?) and that was really awesome to me. like he was talking to me directly. the feels...

  4. Why have you stopped updating? :( I miss you and your reviews :(

  5. Hey, I kept checking in for a couple of weeks and noticed you haven't posted anything new in a while. Is everything okay? I know life can sometimes be overwhelming and busy and all, I really hope it's nothing it's just that we haven't heard from you in a while. I hope all is well. <3