Mimikaki Kareshi ni Nekashitsukerarechau Saimin Onsei

Reviewing a doujin work again. Most doujin things are 18+ so I tend to stay away from them but this was all ages so time to take the risk and give it another try, and I'm glad I did.


Label: HypnoLife
Released: 2012.10.26

Mimikaki refers to the cleaning of the ears, as well as the tiny -often bamboo- sticks used to do this. So in this CD your boyfriend(CV: Zero) cleans your ears for you (^-^). It is coupled with a second track in which your boyfriend talks you to sleep.

There are two versions for both tracks included in this download: a simple/normal version and a sweet version. All of these tracks are included a second time as a 'noizcut' version. I assume that the noise is supposed to be less in these tracks, but I couldn't really notice any difference. But more on that later.

In the simple version your boyfriend simply cleans your ears. The actual ear-cleaning (this feels so weird to write) is depicted by a soft scraping sound, which becomes quite relaxing after a while I have to add. He doesn't say anything while doing this, so most of this version is simply the slight scraping. In the sleeping track he massages your ears, after which he talks you to sleep.

The sweet version has more talking. It has a short introduction scene, and he keeps talking during the mimikaki part. What he says is pretty natural and it is never over the top sweet. The second version of the sleep track is the 'whisper' version. The beginning is the same, but starting somewhere halfway through he whispers instead of talking normally.

If you don't feel like sleeping after listening to the first part there is another short track included that provides a simple ending.

I've never had anyone clean my ears so I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly did not expect this CD to be this relaxing! The first part is already relaxing, but I applaud those that are able to stay awake through the entire 40min of the second track. Both times that I listened to this I fell asleep somewhere halfway through (and had to listen to it in the middle of the day to be able to stay awake).

Zero his voice is nice enough to listen to. Some lines are less convincing then other ones, but nothing jarring. What did occasionally bother me is the noise. The recording isn't clean and there is a constant noise. You need to watch out with the volume because al long as the volume isn't too high you won't really notice, but there seems to be some sort of magic point and if you set the volume higher than that the noise suddenly seems to become 3 times as hard. Of course I still managed to fall asleep, so it isn't that prominent, but when the track ends you'll really notice how much noise there was: everything suddenly seems so silent after that.

As most of HypnoLife their works are 18+ I was a bit worried whether this one would also show traces of that but it really is all ages and very cute. There are a few slightly suggestive lines ("I'm putting it all the way in") and one scene where he licks your ears but overall the cuteness factor outweighs these moments.

This was cute and relaxing. Thanks to the different versions you can mix and match a bit with the tracks which makes listening to it again more interesting. It would be nice if HypnoLife made more things that are all ages (they have a few others, but most of it is 18+)

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  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I bought it and couldn't tell what was going but it did made me fall asleep as well. The noise part bothers me too so I just pretended its a rain sound effect or something. lol