Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD Vol.6 - Shuzenji

あなたがお風呂でのぼせるCD 第6弾 「修善寺編」

Company: em2
Based on: Onsen
Released: 2012.08.29

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD is a series that has personified various onsen from all over Japan. By using this CD (which stands for "Compact Dream") the personified spirit of an onsen appears in your bathroom, and takes a bath together with you. This sixth CD features Shuzenji Onsen and is voiced by Ishida Akira.

As always the Guide (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) does the introduction and hands you a 'CD' (Compact Dream) and gives you the advice to "pause and take a deep breath in case things become too much".

As opposed to all the other CDs Shuzenji appears in the kitchen... because you were spacing out and accidentally poured the CD (instead of instant soup) into a mug  xD. Obviously surprised you drop the mug and Shuzenji immediately orders you to get the things needed to clean up. He also scolds you for not looking at the package to see what is in it, saying that he considers something that says that it contains "an onsen spirit" suspicious and would have thrown it away.

Before you are allowed to take a bath you are first ordered to clean the entire bathroom (with Shuzenji making remarks about everything). After this he does wash your hair and apply a treatment for you though. While commenting that you are neglecting your own body.

Even though his counting track isn't the longest one is the series, it certainly feels like it. Shuzenji his personality really shows though. He is strict and always does things as they should be done and with care, his counting somehow really reflects that. Where others would count cheerfully or the pace would change during the counting Shuzenji properly counts in the same rythem the entire time.

After you get out of the bath again he washes the treatment out of your hair and asks why you were so tired that you overslept this morning (it was already 2PM when he appeared in your kitchen), and you answer that you were playing games. It doesn't end there though, you actually drag him out of the bathroom to play games with you xD

Around this time he starts to get sweeter. The remark that he is not going to try his best to be really sweet because "you've got enough games and CDs that feature even sweeter men lined up on your bookshelf" really made me laugh though. Just before he disappears he lets you sleep in his lap, and says some very sweets things though.

In the beginning Shuzenji doesn't show much affection but his attitude does a 180degrees turn near the end. Some of his lines might actually be some of the sweetest in the entire series. I love how you were able to break through his  usual pattern and get him to play games with you, being dragged along in someone else their pace is clearly something he isn't used too.In the onsen guide track he is still so completely in love it is adorable.

In the freetalk Ishida-san announces his own role as "Shuzenji Tarou" (Tarou being the most standard and non descriptive name there is) xD He first talks a bit about how he wondered how you personify an onsen, whether they have a personality at all. Which is probably something we were all wondering about at the start of the series. After that he answers the usual questions: Whether there is an item he uses in his daily 'ofuro (bath) life' (No), Whether he washes his head or body first (body first, starting at the left arm), Whether he likes his bath hot or more lukewarm (Lukewarm).

I liked Shuzenji a lot more than I expected. In the beginning his strict personality is mostly amusing, but when it changes to sweet he is such a precious sweetheart! I'm not really a fan of Ishida Akira in situation CDs, but this was a very nice listen.

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