Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD Vol.5

Yes it has been a while since I reviewed anything from this series, almost half a year actually. I kept wanting to go back to it but somehow never really got to it. Until now that is.

あなたがお風呂でのぼせるCD 第5弾 「道後編」

Company: em2
Based on: Onsen
Released: 2012.07.25

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD is a series that has personified various onsen from all over Japan. By using this CD (which stands for "Compact Dream") the personified spirit of an onsen appears in your bathroom, and takes a bath together with you. This fourth CD features Dougo Onsen and is Voiced by Kaji Yuki.

As always the Guide (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) does the introduction and hands you a 'CD' (Compact Dream) and gives you the advice to "pause and take a deep breath in case things become too much".

When you use the 'CD' Dougo makes a super genki entrance, appearing fully clothed in the middle of your bath and splashing water all over the place. He calls you "onee-chan" the entire CD and he has a somewhat childish personality, although he occasionally says some rather...ahum, provocative things.

After his super genki entrance he notices that you are somewhat down and seem to have a headache, so he proposes to take a bath together so that you can relax. You first refuse to enter the bath again because you are embarrassed so he promises to close his eyes (and consequently stumbles over some of the things in the bathroom).

He insist on helping you wash yourself, but because he can't see what he is doing he tells you to "take his hand and guide him". These are exactly the kind of things Dougo at times says with that cute childish voice of his while you can't help but wonder what he actually thinks. Somewhere halfway through he asks you whether he can kiss you, and you splash water in his face (at which point he opens his eyes and discovers that you were still wearing a towel xD).

His counting track is super cute. He starts really genki but gets notably tired the longer he counts. Apparently he wasn't in the bath with you, because at the end of the count he jumps into the bath.

After you've been in the bath he offers to wash your hair, and summons a shampoo hat. Which you -obviously- refuse to wear. Dougo notices that you seem down again and pretends to have shampoo in his eye to lure you close so that he can hug you (sneaky little kid). You end up washing your own hair, but he insists on washing it so he washes it a second time.

While applying conditioner to your hair he once again mentions that you seem down, and that your eyes are red. While he acted somewhat childish before, he shows a more reliable side here. When it is time for him to go you yourself are actually the one to want him to stay and to kiss him first.

After the main part there is a short guide of the onsen they personified in the CD. The Guide and Dougo introduce several things, including that you can apparently warm up mikan (tangerines) in the water and eat them. I honestly never thought of that but it seems interesting. Dougo also tells the Guide not to reveal his age, because otherwise you would get mad at him for pretending to be so young.

Kaji Yuuki his cast talk is, as opposed to his character, pretty calm. He simply answers the usual questions and that's it: Whether there is an item he uses in his daily 'ofuro (bath) life' (Books, or anything to read), Whether he washes his head or body first (Head first, because of gravity xD), Whether he likes his bath hot or more lukewarm (not really lukewarm but after the water has cooled a bit).

Dougo is mainly just cute, but his switch to more being more serious really tugged at my heartstrings. He is never going to be my favourite in the series but it was a nice CD none the less.


  1. lol true, some of the things Dougo says, as cute as he is, sound too suggestive to be innocent XD Even though this is the only CD I listened so far in the series, I love Kaji's voice. I wonder if he's ever been casted as something besides cute, shota characters.

    1. Very scary shota characters.

      But ummm, Walker Yumasaki (Durarara!), Totsuki Tatara (K) are the only ones I can think of at the moment. I suppose Hope also counts when he is grown up in FFXIII-2.