Weekly News Post

First post in 2013!

I hope that you will all continue supporting me this year as well, and I will try my best to keep things interesting this year as well.


Oujisama (warai) series
The top image on the official site changed to a very pretty picture of Aladdin. Meanwhile the latest news update confirms the release of the second radio CD, as well as a second live recording for the radio show in April. They also mention that there "might or might not be another development". For now I'll go with the first ;)

Toubousha & 42gami
A third CD for both series has been announced, and details will be announced soon.

In less fortunate news: TwoFive made a short post on their website asking not to duplicate and/or upload any of their works. All of their CDs are now available on iTunes, so please consider buying them there if importing the CDs is too expensive instead of downloading them illegally. Properly buying it also means more profit for them = a higher chance that they will continue making more awesome CDs. I made a translation of the post over here.

Ai no Kemono yo
The Gree game 愛の獣よ、神の掟に背いて禁断の果実を貪れ (Ai no kemono yo, kami no okite ni somuite kindan no kajitsu wo musabore, "Beast of Love, Disobey the laws of God and indulge in the forbidden fruit yes that sounds ridiculous when you translate it) is getting a drama CD adaption. In the game you infiltrate a large company with the aim of becoming the main secretary within 6 months. The official description says that "the story and everyone in it are full of mysteries". It is also definitely aiming to be a more mature game, as proven by the sample CGs.

You get into the company with the help of mysteryman 'George' (CV: Miura Hiroaki), once you are inside the three main targets love interests are the three brothers who run the business: Kamikujou Haruki (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), the young company president who seems to be hiding something under his ever smiling mask, Hideaki (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru), who is calm and calculated to the point of being feared for it, and Akiyoshi (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou), the hot blooded brother who acts on his instincts and has helped the company grow, but also causes some trouble now and then.The CD is planned for a 2013.02.27 release.

Now that Amnesia is getting an anime that of course means more drama CDs, the first of which will be released on 2013.02.27 as well. Exactly what kind of story the CD will have is still unknown, except that it will be an original one.

Hitorijime Series
Details for the second Hitorijime CD have surfaced. This time it will be your butler (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) who will try to keep you to himself. More specifically, he locks you in one of the family villas. Your butler has been serving the family for many years and has practically watched you grow up, and somewhere along the way he started to have feelings for you.

Danshi Koukousei Time Travelers
The second vol. for this series has also been announced: this time the high school students end up in de touhoku (northern) area of Japan during the reign of the Ooshu Fujiwara family (1100-ish)


  1. You're always so helpful with these news posts! ^^

    Thanks to the TwoFive notice, I'm considering buying some of the Ojisama Senka volumes from iTunes now, but I am alienated to Apple products and I dunno how it works - can I listen to them in a Windows and in an Android phone? I wonder if they are all DRM'd... @_@~
    I've just recently bought my first hard-copy drama CD, but I did listen to it before buying (and wouldn't had done so if I didn't listen to it first)... looks like a dilemma ^^;;

    Ai no Kemono yo - if Gree games available in the west had such a pretty artwork, I'd also be willing to throw my money at them~

    Fujiwara voicing an otome drama CD again, this time a potential yandere... my ovaries are already hurting from reading the description, I'm really going to die slowly from eargasm during this year, many promising releases to come... (_ ̄ω ̄)

    1. I'll have to admit that I have an iPhone and iPod so I didn't think about that before. But comes to the rescue in this case: it looks like android phones can play stuff bought in iTunes. Things released after 2009 are also no longer DRM'd. I found a really useful post titled "iTunes & Android: What Works and What Doesn't" that details what does and doesn't work between iTunes and Android. But by all means, google a bit more and do some further research before you decide, it should help you get a clear idea of what is and isn't possible.

      And Fujiwara voicing that Hitorijime CD really took me by surprise. Somehow I never pictured him doing that so I was really surprised. Then again, I never expected Inoue-san to voice a do-M either....

    2. Aha, I did an account~ Now I just need my paycheck >_<;;
      But it's really a great deal, paying like half the CD's price (while saving on shipping expenses) and getting not only the tracks but also a booklet PDF! The only bad thing now is that the first three Ojisama Senka CDs are lacking the tokuten - these are the ones I am interested in~ T_T;
      Oh well, at least they cost cheaper than the CDs with the tokuten tracks ^^;

      I feel I already know the answer but I can't help asking anyway - do you know of any other seals releasing their drama CD online in a similar fashion?

      BTW, since we were talking about Hitorijime, I also can't recall you commenting about the voice sample (for the first volume) up at the page you linked me in a previous news post - it's a crossfade of some tracks/situations... I am much awaiting for this~

    3. I didn't comment on the voice sample because it wasn't there yet when I checked (^-^;;). The sample sounds exactly how I expected it to be and that is a very good thing, hohoho.

      As for other drama CDs on iTunes: Yumoriseki (Healing Stone) is also available on iTunes, but other than that I don't really know any others. Maybe I should do a serch some time...

    4. Haha~ I'm a stalker, really... I'll probably keep checking Hitorijime 2's page everyday, without fail, until the sample is up and also until the order page with the release date is up XD

      Please do check if there is other drama CDs at iTunes! I saw your post at Tumblr but I think you should do a similar post over here, so people who only follow the blog will also know about them =D

    5. I have an iTunes special in the works actually (listing all kinds of drama CD related apps as well as the few available CDs). Only problem is that it's been stuck in editing for ages now xD

  2. Sorry to ask, but could you please link to the official site for Hitorijime? I'd really like to read their blog and to hear any voice samples.