End of the Year News Post Part 2

The main visual for the third Mikkai CD is up on the official site. The character for the third CD is Sagara Misaki (CV: Nojima Kenji) who is a high school teacher. He doesn't stand out much, and seems kind but this is actually due to the fact that he doesn't have much interest in the people around him. The CD is planned for a 2013.02.22 release.

Multiple new releases from MomoGre are on the way.

In Februari another CD with readings of Miyazawa Kenji his stories will be released. The CD includes several of his stories, each read by a different seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi reads Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (the restaurant of many orders), Nakai Kazuya reads Neko no Jimusho (The Cat's Office) and Ame ni mo Makezu Kaze ni mo Makezu (Be not Defeated by the Rain), and Ishida Akira reads Hokushuu Shougun to Sanninkyoudai no Isha (The Northern Shougun and the Three Doctor Brothers)

In March a new addition to their Men's Only series will be released: this time they are doing an adaption of the Genji Monogatari. The cast list is as follows Hikaru Genji (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki), Fujitsubo (CV: Kishio Daisuke), Yugao (CV: Takeuchi Ken), Aoi (Toriumi Kousuke), Rokujou (CV: Nakai Kazuya), Murasaki (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke), Oborotsukiyo (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya), Tou no Chuujou (CV: Miyauchi Atsushi). This looks like an awesome cast and I am looking forward to everyone playing the female parts, but I keep imagining Genji like he is in the Oujisama (warai) series...

Atashi no Shimobe-kun
Voice Samples for Atashi no Shimobe-kun 3 & 4 are up on the Chocokurage site. Mars sounds too cute. Actually, they both sound cute. Mars is more genki, while Pluto is simply being adorably shy. Both CDs will be released on 2013.01.25

Kyokugen Kareshi
Cineria came up with yet another possible heartbreaker: Kyokugen Kareshi ~Chikyuu ga Nakunaru 30 Mae~ (Extreme* Boyfriend ~30min before the earth ends~, Kyokugen means "extreme" or "at the limit"). As you can guess by the title, the earth is about the end and these are the last 30minutes that you get to spend with your boyfriend Hiroto (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa). Normally he is quite shy, but under these extreme circumstances even Hiroto resolves to express his feelings for you. The summary also mentions that he tries to be positive even though all seems lost. If this gets anywhere near the emotional level of Jiyuu Kenkyuu (and with a setting like this it could easily surpass it) I predict that I will be crying for days after listening to this. The release is planned for 2013.03.29.

Hana Awase
Looks like Hana Awase will be getting character drama CDs. At the very least a CD is planned for Mizuchi (CV: Fukuyama Jun). The CD has three stories that take place after the happy ending, and has scenes between you and Mizuchi, as well as scenes in which he is alone. The CD is planned for release somewhere in Februari.

The first voice sample for Yanero is up. Nao is only eating something/ licking something that you spilled of your fingers but Hnnnnggggg.

Hitorijime Series
Seems like Gakken changed the title from 'sokubaku' (restraining) to 'hitorijime' (keeping for oneself), which does sound a bit friendlier but doesn't change the fact that this series is about characters who love you a bit too much~

I like the cover. It has glasses and I approve, hohoho.

Danshi Koukousei Time Traveler Series
The cover of the CD finally cleared some mysteries around this series. Looks like it will indeed be a series about male high school students who jump through time and end up right in the middle of famous historical moments. The full cast by now lists Hatano Wataru, Ono Yuuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Hayami Shou, Matsumoto Yasunori, Seki Toshihiko, and Sakurai Takahiro. The CD is still planned for a 2013.01.30 release.

Issho ni Diet
This isn't the first diet CD to be released, but it amuses me none the less. Your boyfriend (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) is the bassist of a popular band. Because he had no time for you while they were touring the country he promised to go on a trip with you, but when you are shopping clothes before you leave you discover that you don't fit the size you normally wear any more. And so your boyfriend suggests doing a diet together. Seems like they have really mixed the usual relationship situation CD with a diet CD and to be honest I'm rather sceptical but Okiayu-san voices it so it seems like I will have no choice but to listen xD The CD is planned for a 2012.02.22 release.

Genyouki ~Kitsune no Yomeiri~
Team Entertainment (Kindan Vampire/ Kurayamigatari) is releasing another interesting CD: In Genyouki you fall in love with a Kitsune (a fox spirit). The story is set in the Taisho era, and you are the daughter of a distinguished family living in Kyoto, exactly how you fall in love with the Kitsune isn't clear from the description, but at least one of them is disguising himself as military officer so that is probably how you meet. Midorikawa Hikaru and Takeuchi Ryouta are listed as cast for the CD, which is planned for a 2013.02.27 release.

Shower Karite ii?
Ever since I found this I can't stop laughing, this CD scores pretty high on the list of weird drama CD concepts. Anyway: Shower Karite ii? (can I borrow your shower) is a CD in which one of your male friends suddenly asks whether he can borrow your shower because is own broke down for some reason. During the CD the character is already in the shower, and you are just outside. There are three characters in this CD, all voiced by Ono Yuuki. There are voice samples on the official site so go and listen if you are interested. For the moment this CD is only on sale at the winter comiket, but hopefully it will become available in stores later on (because this sounds like so much crack that I just have to listen to it).


  1. Is there going to be a part 3? Because there's at least two interesting drama CDs I didn't saw you commenting on yet - would love to see your opinion on them XD

    Anyway, SOOOOO looking forward Hitorijime/Sokubaku! That cover is so... purple =D Does it have a website up yet?

    HHHNNNNGH~ that Yanero sample <3

    Also, Kyokugen Kareshi sounds a little too much like a comedy series which was on TV in my country not long ago - the last episode aired on the 20th, the day before the Mayan "end of the world" date, so maybe the world doesn't really end in the drama CD either...?

    1. Oh dear, seems I'll have to go over my entire list of bookmarks again if I am missing things. Maybe I can manage to write one more news post before the end of the year.

      Animedia/Gakken their releases never have an official site, but the details for Hitorijime are here, and all of their releases can be found here.

      Maybe Cineria will add a good and a bad ending, or a secret track with a good ending, something like that. Either way this is probably going to be an emotional roller coaster.

    2. Lovers Only #5 is scheduled to a February release (I do not remember the exact date) - cover image here - it's featuring Okiayu Ryotaro this time, so I'm kinda surprised you haven't been fangirling over it by now~

      The other drama CD... I forgot ^^;;

    3. Ooooooh The cover image!!!

      But I did know about it and even posted about it before, about as month ago I think. But I hadn't seen the cover image yet and YES I AM FANGIRLING OVER IT xD

    4. I KNOW, RIGHT~
      It's like, I've listened to Kannou Jikan 9 Red yesterday and OMG HIS VOICE!! XD

      But... Kannou Jikan's weak point is that it's like a cheap-production drama CD, it has no sound effects or BGM, while Lovers Only on the other hand... I think I won't survive it due to blood loss ^^;;;

    5. My main problem with Kannou Jikan is that the expressions just go over the top. It tends to make me either laugh or feel disgusted, instead of making me go doki-doki...