Lovers Only

Lovers Only

Company: Momo&Grapes
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.02.28

Lovers Only is a series that tells more mature love stories. Both in terms of being a bit more serious and not all fluff, and in that they tend to be more explicit. In the first CD you go on a business trip to Hangzou together with Ichiyanagi Kunio (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki), your direct superior at work. He is married and you have a boyfriend, yet you still feel attracted to him.

Ichiyanagi chose you to come with him on a business trip to China, despite the fact that you have only been working at the company for about 1.5 years. There is a proper reason for this though; you spend an entire night collecting data for a presentation he gave the next day, and because he was impressed with your work he asks you to come with him.

The business part of the trip goes smoothly, but Ichiyanagi is also slowly becoming aware of your charms. The first time you literally make him speechless is when you try on a modern china dress for the dinner after the meeting. When one of your associates mentions that you almost look like a couple he is visibly flustered as well. It doesn't really help that this causes him to knock over a drink either.

Back at the hotel after the dinner you decide to celebrate with just the two of you as well. You order champagne to drink on the balcony, which is when under to influence of alcohol you start to come closer together. To my surprise you yourself are actually the one to initiate a kiss. While he does respond to your kiss, Ichiyanagi is also the one to come to his senses first and hurriedly leaves the room.

The next day you have no appointments, so you spend some time visiting several famous museums and tourist spots together, as if nothing happened the day before. However when it suddenly starts to rain and you are taking shelter together you end up confessing your feelings for him. This makes him realize that he loves you as well, and you return to the hotel. Which can obviously only mean one thing.

(I am not going to give a summary of what happens behind the doors of that hotel room because... (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン)

The final track is on the flight back. Ichiyanagi notices that you seem down, and tries to cheer you up and apologise for his actions. Telling you that it is his responsibility, but also what he wanted. Neither of you know how things will go from no on, but you don't want to lose each other either.

To my surprise this CD is rather, no, considerably explicit in what is happening. Kannou Jikan and Wasurenagusa might have ero scenes as well, but this CD gives much more accurate descriptions of what is going on. Also: bed sounds. This is the first time I've heard those in an otome CD (I know BL CDs frequently use them, but this is the first time I've heard them in a situation CD).

The entire CD is told from Ichiyanagi his perspective. Meaning that he doesn't only narrate the CD, but you also get to hear some of his thoughts. This works great for most of the CD, but I'm not so sure about this in the hotel room scene. Personally the constant switch between narration and -lets be honest- very hot sex threw me off. Then again, it is the same narration that makes these scenes this explicit, so in the end I don't know whether it is good or bad. Besides, Morikawa-san his performance more than makes up for it.

The final track hurt so much. The CD doesn't say how things will go from now on, it ends with your conversation on the plane. Considering that he is married and you have a boyfriend this is bound to cause a lot of problems afterwards, and exactly because the CD doesn't provide a happy (or bad) ending Ichiyanagi his words nearly made me cry. There is no way this will end good, but you still love each other. It made me feel like no matter what he says, the end result will be that you will have to return to being no more that a superior and his subordinate - and that hurts.

The free talk (which is only included when you buy it directly from MomoGre, I think) is a full 13min, so pretty long. He talks about various topics, and it is fun to listen to. One of the best parts is where he asks the people of MomoGre whether he is some sort of guinea pig because he often voices the first CD in their series. And even though this isn't a dummy head mic CD he ends up talking about it anyway.

Usually I'm not really an ero fan, but I cannot deny that this CD was all sorts of amazing. I hope that they fixed the narration-ero scene switching problem in the later CDs. Maybe if they keep some of the background sounds even during the narration the switching will feel more natural. Or maybe this is really just a personal thing.

ps: tiny picture because there is a typo on most of the pictures floating around on the internet, which I think has something to do with whether or not the CD was bought at MomoGre or not, but I'm too lazy to do the research for now.


  1. All the reactions when we listen to these kind of tracks for the first time... XD
    I keep coming back at them, listening again and again~ >_<;;

    I really wish there would be more otome CDs like this series ^^;;

    1. Well luckily the series shows no signs of stopping soon, and more and more series with higher levels of ero are being released, so who knows what the future will hold?

  2. "Personally the constant switch between narration and -lets be honest- very hot sex threw me off. "
    hahaha thankfully I wasn't drinking tea or anything otherwise I would've spurted it all over my laptop : ))
    You have my full agreement here. All the talking really turned me off. I'd rather let my imagination do its job (like in Wasurenagusa //x///) than constantly feel like 'eh? why r u talking now? continue what u were doing man'

    1. Hahahaha, that last remark :')

      But so very true. If they would have made the switching a bit less abrupt I think I wouldn't have minded it this much.

  3. The narration was bearable because it was Morikawa talking and I enjoy listening to him talk. Although I do agree that it would have been nice if he took a break for a bit. ...But that would mean the bed squeaking noises would have become the focal point and that would have been awkward... (x/////x)