Weekly News Post

Lots of previews this week!

Anata wo Misshitsu de Torishirabe CD
A preview for the first CD has been uploaded at the official blog. Sounds like this is going to be quite the interrogation.  The CD will be out later this month on the 26th.

10nen Hatsukoi
A preview for the 10nen Hatsukoi Christmas Carol CD is up on youtube. It seems like the start of the story. Sounds like it is going to be a fun story and like I should finally listen to the actual series. Also, those final messages *kyaaaa*.

A preview for the first Ikitsukai has been uploaded on animate TV. For your information, this is a scene in the sauna. But the overload of heavy breathing and BL-interpretable lines would make you think it is something else (which is exactly their intent, of course). I was nearly dying of giggles and laughter while listening to this. The fact that it is recorded with the dummy head mic makes it all the more deadly.

Tenbushuu ni Iyasare
A countdown voice for the Tenbusguu ni Iyasare series has been uploaded to the official site. The preview voice is complete crack. For starters the setting is a school setting, Karura and Ashura are trying to debut as an owarai combi, Bonten is planning on becoming their producer, and Taishakuten is trying to tell the listeners that the actuals series is nothing like this. Especially Bonten trying do undress made me laugh so hard. ("hitohada wo nugu" means "seriously trying your best for someone else his sake". Just "nugu" however means "undressing" which is what Bonten does).

Voice samples for the first four characters have been uploaded as well. Just go to the character page and click on the character you want to listen to the preview for. The beginning of Karura his sample is so cheerful it hurts xD (but but, kansai-ben!!)

A voice sample for the first CD has been uploaded at the official site. Apparently you called Aoi after class to talk about his attitude during the lessons. He doesn't want to talk about something like that however, and instead gets really close and says he wants to talk about more 'adult' topics. In short: is it the 21st yet? Because I really want to listen to this!!

Issho ni Cooking
I can't get over how cute these preview tracks are. It suits the title though, and I like the cover as well (cuteness everywhere!). Especially the first track is just... LET ME HUG YOU!.

Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru
A Preview is up for this CD as well. In the beginning everything seems fine, but near the end of the sample you get to hear a bit of both characters their Yandere side.

Looks like the series hasn't completely ended after all. A second after story titled "Suiyoubi no Osatou to Spice" (Wednesday's Sugar and Spice) has been announced and is planned for a 2013.02.27 release. No details on what the story will be like yet though.

Starry Sky
A teaser site for a drama CD (project?) called "Starry Sky Graduation" has been opened. Looks like the Starry Sky series is finally really coming to an end. (Usually when idols, especially those in large groups like Morning Musume or AKB48, quit it is called 'graduation' which is why I am kind of assuming that this is the same kind of concept. I could be completely wrong though).

Speaking of Starry Sky, the limited edition of Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Portable will include a special umd with the Seiza Kareshi and Seiza Danna drama CDs on it. I am assuming that only the ones for the characters in the game (Yoh, Suzuya, Kanata) are included, but the audio will be accompanied by images. A short novel titled "watashi no osananajimi ha nakawaru sugiru!" (my childhood friends fight too much!) is also included with the limited edition, which is released on December 27th.

I'm kind of curious about how the the special UMD will be. On the other hand, they are also releasing a twin pack (with the first Spring game + this one). I already have in Srping, but for the other games the twin pack seems like a better option because I don't have the first games, then again the twin pack only includes the normal version without all the extras and AARGGGG.

They also opened a teaser site for something called "Starry Sky ~in Spring~ 3D". I am guessing this will be another version of the game, but I have to admit I'm kind of curious what the 3D part means.

Sukima Time
More details on the second vol. of Sukima Time are up. Toraji, the character for Tuesday, is voiced by Nakai Kazuya, and is a studious person who always looks up everything that interests him. He always succeeds at what he does, except for making cup ramen. He thinks they will get tastier the longer you wait (which isn't the case). Tuesday is aimed at people who have a full time job, and has a few tracks with titles like "while doing make-up" and "before a meeting". The CD will be released later this month,on the 21st.

Bungou series
I feel like I've sort of been ignoring the existence of this series. Regardless: The new character for the third CD is Sakaguchi Ango, and he will be voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke. The CD is planned for a 2013.03.29 release. A fourth CD has also already been announced, but no cast info or release date for that one yet.

Joshuseki Kareshi
Gakken keeps releasing drama CDs at high speed. Joshuseki Kareshi is getting a vol.5, which will be voiced by Sakurai Takahiro (yaaaaay!!). While you are more of an indoor type, your boyfriend is more of an outdoor type, and he has convinced you to go camping with him. He does all the preparations including the food for the BBQ, and in exchange for that you are the one to drive. The CD is planned for a 2013.02.22 release.

Are you Alice?
No new CDs (unfortunately) but IM is releasing Are You Alice? valentine chocolate. There are five different sets with each one representing a gift from a character: Alice, Mad Hatter, Chichire Cat, Rabbits (White Rabbit and Mitsuki), and Q&J (The Queen and the Jack of Hearts). Each set comes in a special package, and has a tea cup shaped chocolate(s), and a message card from the character(a). These are made-by-order, so you have to order in the IM Online shop before 2012.01.11.


  1. I usually go on this video game website called siliconera and I think the "Starry Sky 3D" thing you're talking about is the 3DS version of the game that's coming out.
    Also Sukima Time :D Kind of looking forward to it since I like Nakai Kazuya now (because of Persona 3).

    And you should really listen to 10nen Hatsukoi! They're really cute and sweet. I love Sakurai's @.@

    1. I don't check Siliconera for 2 days and this it what happens xD

      I've been wanting to listen to 10nen Hatsukoi ever since it was announced! Yet somehow other things keep getting in between, haha (^-^;;)

  2. Thank you for the news post as always! (ノ ◍•ᴗ•◍)ノ ♥

    I'm so excited for the next Bungou CD! If you do have the time, please take a listen to it! It's hilarious and the cast is great! ^^

    1. At first I kept ignoring it because it didn't seem that interesting, and then I saw (and heard) small pieces of the script and I legitimately don't know why I wasn't interested in the first place.

    2. Maybe because it was overshadowed by other titles released around the same time? I would love to hear your thoughts on this series though! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

  3. wow, you were almost like a library of japanese drama Cds.
    How did you manage to get all of those CDs btw?

    1. A lot of them were bought while I was in Japan. Lots of them second hand but some new as well (I'm heading there in Januari as well, so I will probably return with a gigantic pile of them again xD)

      I regularly receive packages from CD Japan and Play-Asia with one or two CDs (Something arrives every other week)

      And for the rest that I am interested in but not enough to buy I rely on downloads. There is no way I could afford buying everything that I want, so I do I cheat a bit (^-^;;)

  4. Finally got time to listen to some samples you've posted~

    Torishirabe, Sono Ai and Mikkai all sounds very interesting to listen to!
    However, as much as I am interested in Torishirabe, I can barely understand what's being said because of all that keisatsu-vocab, my Japanese level isn't that good >_<;;

    So Starry Sky is being ported to the 3DS as well... Hakuouki was released in a similar fashion before, but I didn't had the opportunity to play it yet, mainly because of it's damn region lock making everything so difficult.

    And while we're at games, Double Score's Cosmos X Camellia website has been opened for a while - it seems like characters from other CDs will be making their appearances through the story as well... and it's going to be a nightmare to try and find all of the FIVE Drama CDs they are releasing together with the game T_T;;

    1. I know!! I'm considering getting the game and the limited edition is tempting, but all of the different tokuten have we wondering where I should get it if I do, and in the end I don't really have the time to play it anyway so I'll just hope the tokuten will show up online sooner or later...

      I believe someone on tumblr made a translation for the torishirabe CD preview... though I can't remember who and where it was posted...

    2. PS: the 3DS its region lock is evil and the main reason why I don't have one and probably won't get one until the inevitable next main pokemon game will be released.

    3. I'll pass on the first two, but I am really tempted to buy the third, fourth and fifth games because of the fabulous cast - "Rose X Lotus" will be the most difficult because I like both seiyuu, so it'll be very hard to pick just a single one between the tokuten >_<;;
      My peer in Japan will probably rip me apart with shopping service taxes though~ (can't care less, it's prone to be worth every cent)

      Luckily... the 3DS' lock will stay for a long time (if Nintendo ever decides to lift it through an update), so I do not need to worry having expenses with 3DS games just yet! XD