Ai no Poem tsuki Kotoba-seme CD

Going back to the first CD in the series~


Company: Lantis
Based on: Original
Released: 2008.12.25

The Ai no Poem tsuki Kotoba-seme series is pretty much what it says on the tin: A CD that 'attacks' you with words, which also happens to have a poem about love included. And by attacking I mean aiming directly at your heart and making you go dokidoki in a lot of ways. The first CD is voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru and Miyata Kouki.

The main scenario in Midorikawa-san his part is that you come back home and your boyfriend has just finished cooking dinner for you. You are greeted with the oh so cliché but always entertaining "welcome home. Would like a bath, or dinner, or me" and a pretty deep kiss. Your boyfriend acts all cute but he says some pretty direct things.

After dinner you apparently fall asleep and you have a couple of dreams. One about a Magic Knight, which is with ease the most direct character in this entire CD. One about a prince who finds you being lost in the forest, this one is mostly sweet. And one where you are still in school and end up always eating lunch with the tsundere student council president (this later turns out to be how you and your boyfriend met). After you wake up again you get some more sweet words from your boyfriend.

I can't say much about the poem. It does seem the fit with the things said in the track before it. But Midorikawa-san his slightly broken "I'm your man" (in English) caused a me to skip the track as a whole the first time, until I discovered that his freetalk was recorded on the same track. Apparently Midorikawa-san did this recording while he had a cold (you can hear it in the free talk, even though he didn't sound like that at all in the rest of the CD).

The second part of the CD is voiced by Miyata Kouki, who appears as "kotobaseme kamen (the masked kotobaseme)" right after you were dumped by your boyfriend. He offers to date you and you accept, partly because you already know who he is: the president of the drama club at school (still, you were dumped only hours -possibly minutes- before. Talk about a fast recovery).

Of course being in the drama club (you also join after you start dating) you have to pick a play to perform at the school festival. You end up with a play about a knight who is betrayed by his older brother and is chased from the castle, only to return years later in disguise during a masked ball. And of course he falls in love with his brother's fiancée etc etc etc. The wording was a bit to theatrical, so forgive me for not being able to take it very serious.

The poem this time is titled "I no longer need a mask", so I suppose it fits? I didn't like Miyata-san his part that much. His characters were either to genki or too theatrical for my taste.

In terms of kotobaseme; the first two tracks by Midorikawa-san are the most 'attacking' ones. After that they get sweeter and sweeter. Nothing wrong with that, but in a CD with a title like this you'd expect the wording to be a bit bolder.

The poems felt less random in this CD, but I can still do without them. I like the first two tracks the most, the rest was OK but nothing special.

PS: so far this is the oldest situation CD I've listened to, I think.

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