End of the Year News Post Part 1

Part 1 of the end-of-the-year news!

Oujisama (warai) series
No real news here, but the latest post on the website that celebrates the release of the last Oujisama Date CD mentions that 2012 is almost over now but that they "hope for our support in 2013, when the series wll still continue". The second Radio CD will be out in Februari, but who knows what they might be planning besides that~

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa
Besides the incredibly deadly third voice sample for Yamazaki his CD, voice samples for the official tokuten and the animate tokuten have been uploaded as well. The official tokuten (that you can get when you bought all 6 CDs is a 60min(!) full dummy head mic drama CD in which a short episode with each character is recorded. By the sound of it the CD is going to be a lot funnier than the main story (Heisuke his reaction when he walks in on you sitting in the bath is priceless, and it sounds like Kondo starts to announce something in an overdone fashion during the fade-out of his preview).

The animate tokuten (that you can get when you buy all 6CDs at animate) has all characters interact with each other. In the preview they are first arguing about whether they should write everyone's names on heir tabi (shoes) or not, after which Okita brings out the sake and everyone starts to drink. In the second part they seems to be bragging about how close they are with you while drinking, it ends with them planning to ask you who you like best....

Ojisama Senka
The official site has gotten a new layout again, and it is a lot better than the last one (which would show up really weird if you had a smaller screen). There is also quite a bit of news:

To begin with, the series continues! 3 new CDs have been announced, along with (partial) cast information. Vol.7 will be released on 2013.03.14 and will feature Nakao Ryuusei, Nakahara Shigeru, and Nakai Kazuya. Vol.8 will be released on 2013.04.24 and will feature Kuroda Tetsuya, Ishikawa Hideo, and Terasoma masaki. Vol 9 will be released on 2013.05.29, the cast for this CD is yet to be announced.

What might be even greater news is that all previous have been made available in itunes. Both in the Japanese and international ones. So if you have an itunes acount, search for "ojisamasenka" and you should find it. For those who have an US acount, I've posted the links on tumblr over here.

Release dates for the next two character songs have also been announced. The 2nd character song will be by Kariya Atsushi (CV: Seki Toshihiko) and will be released on 2013.03.14. The title is "Konya ha Dancing Night (Tonight is Dancing Night) and a handshake event with Seki Toshihiko will be held shortly after the release, on 2013.03.31 at the Yokohama Animate store. The 3rd character song will be by Saito Tsuyoshi (CV: Koyama Rikiya) and will be released on 2013.04.24. The title for this CD hasn't been anounced yet.

And then there is also an ebook titles "Illumination Night", which was published yesterday. You can get it on amazon. Unfortunately I have no knowledge whatsoever on how buying ebooks works, but it seems to be for kindle (which is for android, I think?).

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru
The series is getting not one, but two drama CDs in which the characters all interact. I'm not entirely sure what the story will be like, but it looks like all characters will appear in both CDs. The title of the CDs is "Doki Doki Onsen Tour" so you will probably be visiting all of the onsen during the story. The release is planned for 2013.01.30

And just look at that cover.... they've placed my favourite 3 together on the same cover~~~ Hnnnnngggg

Anata wo Misshitsu de Torishirabe CD
The release date and cast for the 2nd CD have been announced. The setting appears ro be the same as last time: you are a newbie cop, and to practice your interrogation skills you re-ennact an iterrogation together with one of your superiors. This time you will be interrogated by Nogami Kouta (CV: Eguchi Takuya), a traffic police officer with an ore-sama personality. The release is planned for 2013.02.27

Shimekiri CD
After ages of radio silence (except for a rather hilarious re-tweet about a poster for the first CD hanging in Kazuki Yone's toilet) Sherry Topaz announced a second Shimekiri CD. For those who don't know it: Shimekiri CD is a CD that is supposed to help you stay awake when you need to pull an all nighter to make a deadline. There is a special company that has agents you can hire for this, and this time Hara Tooru (CV: Ishida Akira) and Kousaka Arata (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) will be the ones to keep you awake. The CD is scheduled for release somewhere this spring. Kazuki Yone will be drawing the cover illustration again.

Sukima Time
The details for the CD for Wednesday are up on the site. This one is once again aimed at high school students, and the character accompanying you through the day is Asagi (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa). He is strict towards himself as well as others and doesn't joke around. When he gets sleepy he turns softer however.


  1. OMFG Terasoma in Ojisama Senka YES!!

    By the way, did you listen yet to the latest Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD?

    1. Listened: yes. Wrote anything about it: not yet xD

      There are too many reviews that I still want to write. Maybe I should just lock myself up and emerge just in time to celebrate the new year by watching the fireworks...