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Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa
The much awaited third voice sample is up. Hijikata seems to be calmly enjoying himself, while no doubt doing a lot of things to you. Only a few more days until the release, hohoho.

Details about the second CD are up on the site. Mizuki Keita (CV: Ono Yuuki) works as an idol. He is a kind person who can't leave people in trouble to their own, but because he acts like a cool type on stage everyone around him and his fans think that is his actual personality. The CD is planned for a 2013.01.25 release. I really love the main visual btw. 

Sasayaki Micchaku
The series continues with vol.5 養護教諭・近杉泰助の保健日誌 (yougokyouyu chikasugi taisuke no hoken nikki, Health Teacher Chikadugi Taisuke (?) his Health Journal). I am completely uncertain about how to read his name because this series has rather original readings at times, but up to now all the names were puns and 'Chikasugi' could also mean "too close" which fits the pattern of the names up to now.

Either way, he is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa, and the setting is that he is the school nurse at the school you are going to. While you visit him he tells you all sorts of stories, and one day your relationship might even change from teacher-student to something more...?! The CD is planned for a 2013.03.27 release.

Anata wo Misshitsu de Torishirabe CD
EM2 Record (who also did Anata ga ofuro de noboseru) is starting a new series: Anata wo Misshitsu de Torishirabe (Investigating you behind closed doors). In the first vol. you are a newbe cop, and you ask your superior Kasai Keisuke (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou) to help you with studying how to do interrogations. To do so, you play the role of suspect while he interrogates you. Keisuke however is a do-S with a couple of quirks who enjoys manipulating people when interrogating them.

The entire CD is recorded with the dummy head mic, and will include both tracks in which he interrogates you, and where you interrogate him. It also includes a special track titled "together with him..." for which the lines that you speak are written in the booklet so that you can read along. The CD is planned for a 2012.12.26

In total there are 6 volumes planned. The official blog mentions that they will be released "successively", so possibly for six months in a row.

Aroma na Kareshi
It feels like ages ago that I posted about this, but the official site has finally also updated with the info on the fourth CD, along with a voice sample. In the sample Yanagi Masachika (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is just finishing his training when he notices you watching him. he CD is planned for a 2013.01.25 release.

The yandere trend is picking up people! Stanetto has opened a site for a new yandere CD: ヤンエロ~愛するが故に~ (yanero ~ai suri ga yue ni~, Yanero ~Because of Love~).

In this CD you start dating your senpai Nao (CV: Sumeragi Mikoto = Tachibana Shinnosuke), who doesn't show much emotion, but he does love you a lot. To everyone else you seem like a happy couple, but slowly things start to change a little. This CD tells the story of how you fall in love with Nao, and how he starts to turn yandere because he loves you too much. The entire CD will be recorded with the dummy head mic, and is planned for a 2013.01.25 release. 

The first press will include a route in which Nao doesn't (?) turn yandere. That question mark is there in the original description, so to what extend he does or doesn't become yandere is open for speculation. Nao also has his own blog, where he posts about the events from his point of view. This blog will also include things that didn't make it into the CD.

 Also, considering that this CD is done under a pseudonym, it is safe to assume that it includes 18+ moments.

Onee CD
The sample voices for Onee CD are up. I was wondering about how 'serious' the CD would seem, but Kondo-san his onee voice is unexpectedly... natural?. In two of the samples he switches to a more manly voice for an instant, which is an interesting effect. These samples actually made me very interested in this CD.

Miracle Train
I knew it! Two new Miracle Train CDs are being released. Akabanebashi (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) and Azabu-Juban (CV: Shimono Hiro) are up for pre-order in the official shop. The two characters make a guest appearance in each other's CD, and if you pre-order both you get a special post card with a two shot of the two of them.

Kannou Jikan
The voice sample for Kannou Jikan 9 ~Black~ is up. Fukuya Jun a deeper voice than I have ever heard him use before. That voice next to your ear is very very very deadly. Also I should have known this but a spider produces a web = threads = something to bind you with.... The CD will be released on 1012.12.19.

Lovers Only
The series continues with vol.5: 僕は君に二度恋をする (boku a kimi ni nido koi wo suru, I will fall in love with you twice). The start of this story is a one night stand. & years later however, the two of you meet again at work. While this puts the both of you in an awkward position, you continue working on the project and your love starts anew. Okiayu Ryoutarou will be voicing the CD, wich is planned for a 2013.01.24.

Setsuna Project
The series "mou hitotsu no nihonshi - shirarezaru bushoutachi no utage"(5CDs), "kokoro ni hibiku monogatari" (5CDs), "gyakuten mukashi banashi" (3CDs) that were on sale during past Comiket events will be available at animate in Januari. All of them will be on sale at once on 2013.01.05.

Meikoi Onsei Gekijou Koikitan
The mobile game Meiji Toukyou Renka is getting a second drama CD series. Three CDs will be released in total, each CD featuring 4 characters (meaning that each character appears in two of three CDs). Vol.1 was on pre-sale at the animate girls festival and will be in stores on 2012.12.21. Vol.2 is planned for 2012.01.2, and vol.3 for 2012.03,.27. Unfourunately there is no further info on what kind of stories these are, and I haven't listened to the first series so I can give little info beyond this.

Short News:

Koi Koi
The Karuta series is getting a second season, but no news on what the contents or when it will be released yet.

Kura x  Raba
Classic Lovers is getting a second CD. It will be on pre-sale at Comiket 83, and in stores on 2013.01.20. The story this time is that the Meister Singers suddenly get a fax from their producer saying that the band will be disbanded?!

Hatoful Kareshi
The title for the next drama CD is "hatomame sweet blend" and it is planned for a 2013.02.14 release. Appropriate, considering that the theme is 'mamentine' (the hatoful kareshi equivalent of valentine).

Oujisama (warai)
A second radio CD will be released on 2013,02.27.

Hitsuji de Oyasumi
Vol.30 is titled "Onee-chan to Oyasumi" and features Minakuchi Yuuko and Orikasa Ai, Vol.31 is titled "otanoshimi ha kimi to issho ni" and features Ono Yuuki and Kimura Ryouhei).

I've seen no official confirmation yet for these but I'll post them anyway:

- Nego Danshi 13 will be released on 2013.01.23, and will be voiced by Shimono Hiro. This would mean that this would be his second CD in this series.
- A drama CD with the entire cast of Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD is being planned.

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