Kuroko no Basuke Sound Theater 2nd Games

黒子のバスケ DRAMA THEATER 2nd GAMES それがボクたちのバスケです

Company: Lantis
Based on: Manga -> Novel
Released: 2012.11.14

Kuroko no Basuke is a basketball manga serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump, and follows Kuroko Tetsuya and his team mates at Seirin High. During middle school Kuroko was part of the "generation of miracles", 6 extremely talented regulars on the Teito Gakuen basketball team. All of these players went to different high schools, and of course Seirin will have to face them one by one. This CD has little to do with all of that though. Instead, it features a story about the Teito Gakuen school festival, when everyone was still in attending there.

The story starts with Kise (CV: Kimura Ruouhei) helping Momoi (CV: Orikasa Fumiko ) carrying some bags full of provisions for the Toou baseball club. To thank him she offers to buy him a drink somewhere, and they run into Kuroko (CV: Ono Kenshou) inside the shop. Momose accidentally drops a picture of all of them that was taken at the school festival, and so they start to reminisce about that time.

I could give an endless summary but in short: Momoi hears a rumour that if a couple wins the stamp rally that is held by the quiz club that they will stay together forever, so she wants to join together with Kuroko, who wants the figure that is the first prize so he agrees to join. Aomine (CV: Suwabe Junichi) wants the figure as well, and he ends up pairing up with Kise (who was looking for a partner, because there were so many girls that wanted to be his partner that they stated fighting amongst each other).

The stamp rally itself features some rather strange things as well, they have to cross the sports ground which has been rigged with pitfalls, and the things they need to collect as one of tasks are rather vague. Aomine and Kise have "hero sanjou!", so Kise starts to impersonate all kinds of hero's, Kuroko and Momoi have "kai wo kaigaeshiku kaesu" (to give back a seashell to someone who wants it, but the point here is obviously the pun), so they steal Midorima (CV: Ono Daisuke) his lucky item of the day and he chases them through the entire school.

Before all of this we also get to hear Kuroko being a butler (because his class is doing a butler cafe) and Murasakibara (CV: Suzumura Kenichi ) impersonating Marie-Antoinette, to hilarious results. And while everything is going on, Akashi (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) is winning every single board game there is and collecting an enormous amount of prizes.

I really love this story. It shows how everyone was while they were at Teikou and they just seem to be having so much fun. It makes me wish for more material about that time, while also making my heart ache seeing them as they are now.

For some reason I found Akashi his parts especially hilarious. While everyone else is running around in chaos he is calmly winning board games, and every time he does it the sketch follows the exact same pattern and the prizes get more and more luxurious (one year long free food tickets etc etc).

While most of the story is complete crack, it does have some more serious moments near the end. The whole reason Kuroko wanted the figure was to give it to Aomine, to thank him for encouraging him to keep playing when Kuroko was thinking of stopping. 

The surround sound effect from last CD is still there, but I didn't notice it as much this time.

In the freetalk Ono Kensho says he was very nervous being surrounded by senpai seiyuu. Kimura Ryouhei once again does his freetalk as "Kise Ryouta". During the entire freetalk everyone calls each other by a nickname, usually the first part of their character name+"chin" (Kuro-chin, Mido-chin, Mura-chin), even thinking of nicknames for the members that only voiced a few lines on the spot xD

This made me want to see more of the Kiseki no Sedai era!! Everyone just seems so happy together it just breaks my heart to see them as they are now (but I love Seirin as well so I want to see more of them as well). I hope that they will continue releasing drama CDs like this. Meanwhile, I think I'll try to locate some of the short dramas that came with the limited editions of the DVDs.


  1. If you haven't already, you can find all the extras that came with the Blu-ray discs (as far as I know) at anime-mp3.com. There is an especially fun one that mirrors the okonomiyaki anime episode.

    1. Oh thanks!! Thanks to my schedule being insane lately I hadn't been looking yet so this is a very welcome pointer!!