Weekly News Post (part 2)

Joshuseki Kareshi
vol. for the series has been anounced. This time you fall in love with your driving instructor (CV: Hatano Wataru). I love the catchphrase for this CD: アクセル全開な、禁断の恋のライセンス。あなたも取得しませんか?"a full gas license for a forbidden love. Won't you try to attain it as well?". My fangirl heart is also loudly cheering because of their choice of Hatano Wataru for this. The release is planned for 2012.12.25

Toki wo Tsumugu Mono Tachi
Actually the full title for this is 速水奨プロデュースCD Shuffle ~ときを紡ぐ勇者(もの)たち 高校生タイムトラベラー (hayami shou produce CD shuffle ~toki wo tsumugu mono tachi koukousei taimu trabera-~, which translates into Hayami Shou Produce CD Shuffle ~Those who Spin Time High School Time Traveler) While the reading is 'mono', the way it is written (勇者, yuusha) actually means "heroes".

A normal high school student is somehow transported in time, and ends up right in the middle of famous historical moments. The Honnouji Incident, Ikedaya Incident, and attack on Pearl Harbour are mentioned as examples. A guest seiyuu will feature in each story, and so far Hatano Wataru and Ono Yuuki are listed as cast (I am guessing Hayami Shou will voice one or multiple characters as well).

If I am understanding the description correctly, a total of 5 volumes is planned. With the first one being released on 2013.01.24. (whether that is 5 volumes of time travelling, or 5 volumes that 'shuffle' something is still a bit unclear to me).

Sokubaku Series
This new series will feature characters that love you so much that they feel the need to have you for themselves. 束縛 (sokubaku) means to restrain, but can also mean to shackle someone. Which one this will be (or maybe both) we will see when the first CD is released.

Each CD will feature a character with a different occupation, the first one being the doctor Sou Kazuaki (? CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). Seems like you are an incredible klutz and hurt yourself or sprain something so often that you are regularly visiting the hospital where he works. He puts you in a special suite, but this is not just for your safety but to express his feelings as well. The release is planned for 2013.01.24

This is published by the same company as Issho ni Cooking and Joshuseki Kareshi so I don't know how extreme this will be, but to me this sounds like another potential yandere-ish series. And I love it. Also: Hirakawa Daisuke voicing a doctor who loves you a bit too much? Sounds familiar.

Akogare no Situation Series
Time for details about the next Akogare no Situation CD! This time the title is 愛されたいっ (aisaretai, I want to be loved). You are on your first date in a while with your boyfriend Kou (? CV: Namikawa Daisuke). While watching a movie at the theatre together the viewing suddenly stops right before the final scene. Wondering how it ends, the two of you decide to rent the movie to watch the end at home. And inspired by the last scene, Kou decides to propose to you... The release is planned for 2012.11.25

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  1. Aww! I am SO going to look forward to Joshuseki Kare (Waccha :D), Sokubaku (Possessive Hirarin = <3) and Akogare Situation (NamiDai proposing/////) *ffufu* no sample voice or anything yet is it? :L

    I don't quite get the premise of Toki wo Tsumugu ^^;; so the student who is going to be transported back in time into one of the reknowned historical periods... is it going to be us, the listener or the seiyuu?

    *talk about the amount of dramacd backlog that are skyrocketing everyday*