Katekyo@ Cool-kei Eigo Kyoushi


Label: Natalis
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.08.27

Ketekyo@ is all about... a home tutor? There is really no other way to put it. Of course the personalities of both the teacher and student are weird enough to make this interesting. To avoid confusion: this has nothing to do with the Katekyo BL manga series.

In this CD we have Murou Yoshinari (CV: Ono Daisuke) as the teacher, and Asano Kouta (CV: Ichiki Mitsuru) as the student. Yoshinori is your typical everything-under-control perfect type college student. Kouta on the other hand is a brat who is more interested in girls, having fun, and is always typing mails on his phone.

Like I said, Yoshinari seems like the everything-under-control and strict type, but when Kouta starts to talk about girls and asks him whether he has a girlfriend he pushes some sort of switch and Yoshinari loses his cool. And his dialect starts showing (Tossa dialect, which is Ono-san his actual dialect btw).

After Yoshinari loses his cool he keeps on ranting in dialect about how Kouta his future will be bleak if he doesn't start to think about what he wants to do later, how love isn't important and that a student should focus on studying alone. Meanwhile, it is obvious how Kouta is only interested in dating girls and having fun.

Just as Kouta really pisses Yoshinari his chihuahua comes walking into the room, and Yoshinari his mood instantly changes. Turns out he really loves dogs, and he starts talking about the dog at home and his family situation (which sucks to be honest). In the end Kouta decides to properly study just to calm down Yoshinari, who keeps on ranting none the less.

Of course, Yoshinari is an English teacher, so he has to show some skill in talking. Ono-san his "there is no use crying over spilt milk" is pretty hilarious, especially because the way he uses it seems off xD. In the end through all of his ranting Kouta actually feels like studying - which seems to be exactly as Yoshinari planned it (so it was all an act and he is a cool type after all?).

As soon Yoshinara his Tossa-ben started showing I was all (*´Д`*). Dialect!! I think I love dialects more than I realize (gap moe?!). Anyway. Yoshinari seems far from cool, but his rants are hilarious and Kouta his attempts to keep up always fail or he makes a remark that makes Yoshinari rant even more. This time there doesn't seem to be a 'several years later' track, which is a pity because I would have loved to hear that.

The free talk is nearly as long as the entire story. It is fun to hear them talk together. Ichiki-san apparently researched Ono-san (on yahoo) before the recording and starts to recount an entire profile xD They end up talking a bit about dialects, and apparently Ichiki-san was born in Kyuushuu but doesn't speak the dialect.Near the end they start to plan another CD with a pretty girl as a home tutor, and they hope that one day something like that will be released as well.

(After listening to this free talk I keep wanting to say Ichiki-kun because Ono-san calls him that, but he is still several years older than I am xD)

Midorikawa-san his otome character in the other CD was brilliant as well, but Ono-san his character wins thanks to the dialect (this is actually the first CD, so I'm glad that I listened to them in the wrong order). I need to find more things with dialects...

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