Chou Sekkingata Sasayaki Micchaku CD 3 ~Bartender Kutsuki Mitsuru no Cocktail Recipe

 超接近型♥ささやき密着CD 3 ~バーテンダー・九津木ミツルのカクテルレシピ~

Company: Marine Entertainment
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.08.22
Official site: http://www.marine-e.net/sp/mitchaku3/

Sasayaki Micchiaku is a series based on stories of being really close to someone (physically). In the third CD the bartender Kutsuki Mitsuru (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) tells you different stories every time you visit his bar. These stories are recorded with the dummy head mic to really give an impression of 'being close'.

The story begins with Mitsuru just about to open the bar. He sees you looking around with a little map in your hands and offers to help you. Turns out you were looking for the place where he works. Once inside there is a little confusion, because you actually wanted to visit the place during the day, when it is a normal cafe. As an apology Mitsuru offers to make you a non-alcoholic cocktail (because you don't drink any alcohol) and tells you a story about a regular customer. After this you become a regular customer as well, and each time you visit Mitsuru tells you a story.

The first one is about a pair of childhood friends. The girl needs her picture taken for her CV, and her childhood friend just happens to be a professional photographer. He teases her a lot about how she used to cry when she was little and that she is a bit of a tomboy. After fixing her make-up for the picture he realizes that she really is cute though, saying that "if she doesn't find anyone he'll look after her forever". After they started dating she apparently took him to the bar to introduce him to Mitsuru, which is how he knows the story.

The second story is about a couple that just got married, and how they started to date. In high school they were both in the library committee, and one day they need to finish putting back some books together after school time. About every single cliché that you can think of in this setting is used, but I liked that the guy -who originally acts very cool- ends up being completely flustered.

The third time you visit it is raining cats and dogs, so Mitsuru is very surprised that you came. This time the story Mitsuru tells you is from the sengoku period. A princess that is about to be engaged to a warlord is taking one last horseback ride together with a soldier that she is close with. The two of them obviously have feelings for each other, yet they decide to do the right thing and she marries just as planned. Out of all the stories in the series, this is the only one that doesn't have a happy ending.

This story gets you down, and because it doesn't look like anyone else is coming you decide to drink together. At the end of the evening Mitsuru brings you to the station, sharing an umbrella. Somewhere halfway you trip and the heel of one of your shoes breaks off, so he ends up carrying you to the station. On the way he tells you about how his previous girlfriend left him. (Ok, so technically he went to America and didn't contact her, and when he came back she had married his best friend). At the end he confesses that you are more than just a customer and that he likes you.

To begin with Mitsuru is voiced by Hirakawa-san so I was fangirling through most of this. That said, I think they could have made slightly better use of his voice range. He uses neither his 100% hetare voice nor his really deep voice, while this CD would have been an excellent excuse to make him do as many different types as possible.

Just like Vol.2 this is more of a love story on it's own, with several different stories told in between. I'm not sure which format I prefer, although that might also have to do with the fact that the DJ personality from the first CD was really funny.

Hirakawa-san his free talk is somehow really cute. Apparently he starts the freetalk sitting if front of the mic on a chair, after that he starts moving around. He talks a bit about how he had a chance to experience what it is like to be a bartender, and that it is really hard work. When ask what he wants to cling to (micchaku suru) he answers that he wants to bury his face in a pillow and sleep. As for a 'micchaku' experience: just a few days before the recording he wanted to heat up some rice for dinner in the microwave, but somehow messed up so the rice was all sticky and squashed together and he couldn't eat it (this part was really too adorable). Hirakawa-san is the only one who doesn't answer that he would make something eroi if he were to produce a 'micchaku' drama: He wants to make something either with animals or that you are a piece of clothing being worn by someone xD

In the secret track Mitsuru wants you to test a new cocktail that he made. He secretly put in some alcohol, hoping that he could get you used to alcohol so that he could make you even better cocktails. Interesting enough, you seem to have some sort of a might-be-dating might-not-be-dating situation going on. Although Mitsuru is very straightforward about his own feelings.

I am biased towards Hirakawa-san so of course I liked this. Yet somehow Vol.1 was still the most interesting one. I don't think anyone will ever be able to top Chakumitsu his personality. I'm curious about what kind of stories they will use next time though, because I can only think of so many situations to use...

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