Diabolik Lovers Versus 2 - Subaru VS Raito


Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.09.26
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/dialover/versus.html

Diabolik Lovers is a series that leaves you at the mercy of sadistic vampires. The project features drama CD's, radio broadcasts on NicoNico Live, and a PSP game by Otomate. The drama CD's are the first to be released together with the radio broadcasts. Originally there were just 6 drama CDs announced, but Rejet managed to squeeze in 3 more CD releases before the game: Diabolik Lovers Versus, where you are left in the hands of two vampires at the same time.

The second CD has Subaru (CV: Kondo Takashi) and Raito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). The CD starts with Raito chasing the heroine/listener, who is finally cornered in the torture chamber (why does the Sakamaki household even have such a thing). You decide to give up, but just as Raito intends to have his way with you it turns out that you are sitting on top of a coffin - and that Subaru was sleeping in said coffin. Annoyed by Raito his provocation Subaru opens the coffin (and launches you into the air). After some more provocations Subaru hits the wall, causing the entrance to collapse, leaving the three of you locked inside.

Raito decides that you should make the best of the situation, and fully intends to continue with what he was doing. He invites Subaru to join him, but Subaru refuses. Not that it really matters to Raito, he just starts 'playing' with you anyway. He finds some chains with a collar attached to them nearby and puts those around your neck. As you don't immediately do what he wants he starts to choke you with them, while biting you in several places.

This has his intended effect on Subaru: he manages to provoke Subaru into showing him how he handles you. While Subaru finds the chains annoying, he doesn't immediately remove them. Instead he 'cleans' your body first by biting everywhere Raito bit you before.

Of course all of this excites Raito even more (looks like watching or being watched is his thing...) and he takes over again, pinning you down on top of Subaru and continuing things there, Although his turn ends fairly quickly to give Subaru a second chance, after which they simply decide to have 3P anyway. The CD fades out with them saying that it might take a while before you will be rescued, obviously hinting at the fact that they will continue what they are doing until you are.

Compared to the first Versus CD this was much more subdued; I actually managed to fall asleep while listening to this (twice). Neither the first nor the third CD allowed me to fall asleep. I believe that the juxtaposition here is Raito only being interested in you because of lust, and Subaru actually showing romantic interest as well. (Ok, there is very little romance, but compared to any of the other brothers Subaru actually does show some romantic interest, which is tons more than any of the others do).

This might be my imagination, but Subaru sounds a lot more aggressive than in his own CD. Raito also didn't get this excited in his own CD, although I am not really complaining there.

After what Ayato did to you in the first CD I expected Raito to go completely over the top with the ero, but not at all. Yes he still does some rather... perverted stuff to you, but he's being less verbal about in than Ayato was. The choking in the beginning aside, both of them are being surprisingly gentle with you. Subaru from the start, and Raito is making a point out of it the second time.

Out of the three Versus CDs this was the most tame one. There is still a lot going on, but the characters act and talk much calmer, and seem to be hurting you a lot less as well (aside from the choking incident). I never expected this, I'd have thought that Subaru would nearly break down the house and that Raito would be even more straight forward ero instead of getting his kicks out of being watched. Can't decide whether the direction they took instead is a good or bad thing though.

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