Ketsueikigata Danshi Character Drama CD A Type

血液型男子 キャラクタードラマCD 「A型」

Company: Frontier Works
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.08.26
Official site: http://danshi.me/blood/index.html

In Ketsuekigata Danshi several High School students are thrown into a dormitory because of an experiment by the school principal. All of them have a different blood type, which is exactly why the principal chose them, but what exactly he hopes to achieve with this experiment is unclear. Either way, they will have to deal with their new lives from now on.

The A Type CD puts the focus on Souma Aichirou (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) who is of course an A Type (mainly meaning that he is very serious). The CD starts with Aichirou complaining about the fact that he couldn't study because he had to move to his new house (where he is living together with the other characters). After that he overhears his housemates Akabane Hibiki (B Type, CV: Nakamura Yuichi) and Shirakawa Rio (O Type, CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) talking to each other on how they got bad grades and have to take a resit. When it turns out Kurosaki Miyabi (AB Type, CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) has to take a resit as well Aichirou flips and tells them that they will be studying at home for the weekend.

The next day Aichirou wakes them up rather forcefully (only Miyabi is already awake) and forces them to study. None of them want to because they already have plans, but they end up being forced to study anyway. He locks every door and window on the first floor so that they can't escape either. When they finally manage to distract him by asking him for drinks they try to escape through a second floor window. Kurosaki nearly falls of the balcony in his escape attempt and is saved by Aichirou, after which he still runs off anyway.

In the end, Aichirou ends up cleaning the house while the others go out and play. All of them return early because they are feeling guilty though. It turns out Aichirou saw that he was in the wrong as well, and he prepared dinner for everyone. Although... when they mention that they will properly study he switches back into his normal attitude xD

After the main story there is a situation part where you are studying together with Aichirou, who is being adorably clumsy.

The interaction between all the characters was fun to listen to. Of course they are all archetypes for each blood type, which results in hilarious chaos. The principal (CV: Yusa Kouji) also adds to said chaos by being a hilarious eccentric. Kurosaki is arguably the weirdest of them all, thanks to always being spaced out and talking in a really slow manner, but all of them are quirky and fun.

Aichirou is strict and serious, like a proper A Type. His entire family has names with "A" btw, his brother is Aijirou, and his sister Aiko. (The pronunciation of their names is closer to "Ei" if you'd write it in Japanese, but this way the link to A Type is made. All of the guys have the letter(s) for their blood type in their name). Aichirou is also very family orientated, as is shown in his phone call with his family, where he is instantly worried about whether they are eating properly etc.

The freetalk starts in character, after which is switches to normal. Everyone talks a bit about their blood type and whether there are times when they think that they are actually a different blood type (in Japan blood types are used as a horoscope, so every blood type is believed to have several character traits). When Kakihara Testuya does his talk everyone keeps inserting references to Germany (German AB-Type, questions about sausages and beer xD). The end of the free talk is once again in character.

A short -and chaotic- preview for the B Type CD is also included, in which Hibiki gives a short introduction to his story.

Somehow I had pictured are more situation CD type scenario, but this is mostly about the boys their interaction with each other. Which is brilliant, so no complaints there. Looking at Miyabi his character description it seems like he is two-faced, so I sort of hoped that they would show that a tiny bit as well, but I guess I'll have to listen to his own CD for that.

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