Chou Sekkingata Sasayaki Micchaku CD 2 ~Biyoushi Michael no Biyou Karte~

超接近型 ささやき密着CD 2~美容師・MICHAELの美容カルテ~

Company: Marine Entertainment
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.04.25
Official site: http://www.marine-e.net/sp/mitchaku2/

Sasayaki Micchiaku is a series based on stories of being really close to someone (physically). This time the setting is that you are visiting your hairdresser, Michael (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). While he is cutting and colouring your hair you are reading a magazine special about 'micchaku' (getting really close to someone/something) experiences. These stories are re-enacted with the dummy head mic.

Michael welcomes you into the shop at the beginning of the CD. He is a bit of a hetare and sounds really cute. Apparently he one part German, which is why he occasionally uses words in the wrong way and talks with a slightly odd intonation. When he asks you how you want your hair cut you tell him that you "want a hairstyle that makes you want to fall in love". Apparently you have been listening to the micchaku special on Chakumitsu his radio show, and now you want to fall in love as well.

You talk a bit with Michael, and from the conversation it is pretty obvious that you both like each other, but don't realise that it is mutual. You talk a bit about creating chances, and Michael tells you about a friend of his who works in the kitchen at an Izakaya. One day when things were very hectic a girl who used to only work serving customers also came to help in the kitchen, and in order for her to be able to help more often he teaches her how to cook properly. This is of course all re-enacted with the dummy head mic.

By the end of this story Michael has finished washing your hair, so next up is colouring and cutting. During this time you are reading a magazine that just happens to have a micchaku special as well. Two stories from the magazine are re-enacted: One about a couple from an acting club at university practising together. (n case it is unclear, they are trying to practice 二人羽織 (nininbaori) - which literally means two people wearing one haori (coat). The person in the front doesn't use his hands, instead the person in the back sort of acts as the arms and hands of the front person. It is really funny to make people eat stuff this way (because it usually fails). There is youtube user who does this with his dog).

The other story is about a pair of high school students who get trapped in a blizzard during a ski trip and have to spend the night in a small mountain cabin. Michael tells the final story while he is massaging your head (in Japan you usually get a short head/shoulder massage when you are at a hair salon). This story is about his grandmother and how she was escorted by a body guard one night while attending a ball in Germany. I like this story the most. Sue me, but I just like the whole stoic bodyguard with a soft side setting. As you can guess, his grandmother eventually married her bodyguard.

When Michael has finished it looks like he is just going to send you off and wait for you to come back for your next appointment in two months. Luckily he does decide to chase after you in the end. In the secret track you are successfully dating, although he still has a habit of using keigo (polite speech).

I think this is the first time that I've heard Toriumi-san voicing such a cute and innocent character.  I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by that, I'm used to him voicing more confident characters. But Michael is just too cute and I really wanted to cheer him on. Just like I said last time: I like listening to one person voicing different characters, and Toriumi-san doe a good job with all of them.

The free talk was OK, I guess? Toriumi-san sort of evades all of the questions. Just like Ono-san he says that if he were to produce a micchaku story that it would probably be eroi(^-^;;). Apparently they used several sounds that he made himself as sound effects, like him flicking a lighter or fidgeting with his cellphone.

I liked the first CD better because Chakumitsu was just hilarious to listen to. Michael is really sweet though, and this CD is more of a love story compared to the last one. And I got to hear a whole different Toriumi-san.


  1. I really want to listen to this CD but I'm really depressed because I don't know japanese. Q___Q I usually bou the CD and listen to the tracks while reading the translation from volunteer translators I find in the internet, but this one is a must, I absolutely wish to understand it ;____;

    I ordered the CD, it should arrive in 3 weeks I think. I'd be more than thankful to you if you could've translate this one. Otherwise the CD is no use ;A;

    1. I'm really sorry, but with all the papers I need to write I can hardly find the time to keep the blog updated, let alone work on any translations...

  2. i know who draw the illustrations, INUMOG! fujino akitsugu! it looks familiar.