Chou Sekkingata Sasayaki Micchaku CD ~DJ Chakumitsu no Radio Haran Bang☆Joe~


Company: Marine Entertainment
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.12.29
Official site: http://www.marine-e.net/sp/mitchaku/

Sasayaki Micchiaku is a series based on stories of being really close to someone (physically). In this first CD, DJ Chakumitsu (CV: Ono Daisuke) hosts the fictional radio show "Haran BANG☆JOE" in which he answers letters from listeners. The theme for this weeks broadcast is 'micchaku' (being very close to something). Part of the CD is recorded with the dummy head mic, so you really get a of feeling 'being close'.

The CD begins with Chakumitsu complaining that women are aliens or monsters, apparently he just broke up with his girlfriend and kind of heartbroken. He is still complaining when the show starts, but he quickly switches over into his radio personality. Which is brilliant by the way. He talks with a very overdone fake accent which is probably supposed to be American but is simply way over the top. He throws in random English words and phrases as well.

He starts the show with introducing the topic of the week, realizing that he chose 'micchaku' as theme and regretting this because he is currently heartbroken. To top things off the listeners apparently sent three times as many submissions as normally. He starts reading out letters, which we get to hear as re-enacted scenes. Obviously these are the scenes that have been recorded with the dummy head mic.

The first one is a submission from a salaryman who ran into an old acquaintance (probably a kouhai?) in a rush hour train. Because the train is completely packed they end being squashed together, and of course he tries to protect her while being flustered himself as well.

The second and third stories are from high school girls. One about a piano teacher who tries to convey his feelings but fails because the girl doesn't get it (even though it was really obvious) and one about a classmate trying to confess his feelings during the school trip. Because they are out after hours they need to hide from a teacher together, and end up squashed together in a small room. Once again the girl is to naive to understand what was going on.

The final story is really sweet, about a guy trying to cheer up a 'room mate' who is down, saying that he will never leave her and so on. Eventually it turns out that he is talking to his dog though xD. This one has a short follow up in which the dog comes to wake him up in the morning.

Between these dummy head tracks Chakumitsu comments on the situations, either complaining about his own heartbreak or cheering on the listeners. After the final story he says that the submissions gave him new courage as well, and that he will report next week as to what he means. He also announces that the theme for next week will be 'revenge' (when used in Japanese リベンジ ribenji "revenge" means something like re-challenging or a rematch, so obviously this hints that he is going to try and get his girlfriend back).

I didn't expect the CD to start with Chakumitsu complaining about his break up, and his continued overdone self pity really amused me. Normally this kind of character voice really annoys me, but because it is so overdone it was fun to listen to. The different dummy head tracks show off his different voices (although all of them are within the nice guy / perfect boyfriend spectrum) which is always interesting to hear. The scenarios are slightly overdone but it is fun to listen to. If I had to choose I think I like the piano one the most.

Ono-san starts the free talk still in Chakumitsu mode, but quickly switches back to talking normally. He is very lively during the free talk, which makes it a lot of fun to listen. He says he doesn't have many 'micchaku' experiences, and eventually talks about sento (public baths). That there is usually a place where you can sit to cool down after taking a bath, but because everyone is naked that would that you would have to sit somewhere where someone else his 'important parts' just touched and that he feels uneasy about that xD (I am now really curious about what kind of free-talk he will do for the upcoming Ofuro de Noboseru CD xD). He evades the question what kind of micchaku story he would make if he was the producer, saying that it "would be to eroi".

Interesting detail: apparently they moved the dummy head mic around for several of the scenes. In the one where he was talking to the dog the mic was on the ground, and he was sitting next to it, and for the one where the dog wakes him up he was actually lying on a couch.

There is a final secret track in which Chakumitsu calls his girlfriend/ you to apologise and ask whether you can start over again. He turns up on your doorstep at the end of the call being all sweet. (apparently you broke up because you kept saying you like a certain idol a lot xD)

Chakumitsu his overdone radio personality is really lovable, if slightly annoying. The dummy head parts are extremely sweet but fun to listen to. But what I love most about these kind of CDs is that you can hear one seiyuu acting out several roles. Hearing them do all kinds of different voices is amazing no matter how many times I hear it.

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