Sleep x2 II

Company: Cineria
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.06.29
Official Site: http://www.ike-men.net/ci_sleep2.html

Sleep x2 (pronounced "sleep sleep") is a CD that is designed to really make you fall asleep. It's sole purpose is making you fall asleep. This second vol. is voiced by Miki Shinichirou.

The CD itself is very short, only 15min. It is designed however, to loop the third track for as long as you want (or need). It is also exactly the same as the first CD. Miki-san sounds a bit more gentle when explaining things but the script is exactly the same.

So just like before the first track is a short and simple explanation how the CD works, the second track is an introduction and breathing exercises, and the third track is the main track which is basically the sound of waves and Miki-san sleeping next to you.

Even the final wake up track is exactly the same. Of course the intonations are a bit different  because they each have their own interpretation, but the script is the same. Unfortunately I think Fukuyama Jun his voice was more suited for the type of character that the wake up track shows us. Miki-san should have had a more mature character...

This time I knew what to expect, so the sound of someone sleeping next to me didn't keep me awake. But I'll be honest and say that I was disappointed that the script was exactly the same. They should have at least changed the final wake up track to suit Mikishin his voice better.

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