Weekly News Post

Oujisama (warai)
There are two preview tracks up for the upcoming Date CD Vol.1. The contents are largely the same as the scenarios that were revealed on the official site before. Actually hearing them is much better than just reading them though. Hearing Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel together again just makes me really happy. Two more preview tracks will be added on 2012.10.16 and 2012.10.18.

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
The preview for Kindan Kyuuketsuki Vol.4 is up. Friedrich (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) basically just walks up to you and declares that he owns you before dragging you off xD. He seems to like teasing you a lot.

The release date for Meganebu! Vol.3 has been decided. It will be on pre-sale at the Animate Girls Festival (2012.11.17-18) and in stores on 2012.11.24.

10nen Hatsukoi
This has been around for a while but I needed to know the proper spelling for the names. Niida Kouhei (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) his story will be about how he met Iwakiri Shun (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) at the cram school he used to go to. Shun has a privileged background and proclaims himself to be a genius. Thanks to this and his haughty attitude everyone at the cram school respects him but keeps their distance. Kouhei tries to avoid Shun as well, because he dislikes people who stand out on purpose. All of this changes when he picks up Shun his grade sheet though... And then there is also a girl who he met at the cram school. A girl who he hasn't forgotten even to this day.

The seiyuu for the two remaining characters have also been announced. Shun his childhood friend Shiba Masato will be voiced by Nakai Kazuya, while Ryouta his stepbrother Sunahara Haruya will be voiced by Ishida Akira.

Mikkai -secret tryst-
For one second I though the site had opened, but Black Butterfly only posted that the site will open on 2012.10.19.  When it opens the main visual and details for the first CD will be released. The blog post also said that the illustrations will be done by someone who we already know [from earlier BB series], so I am guessing that it will be Sakaki Kouya (who did the illustrations for Shuukan Soine) again?.

Atashi no Shimobe-kun
The Chocokurage site has finally opened, so now we've got some more info on Atashi no Shimobe-kun as well. The setting is that you -the listener- are a little girl, and depending on what story you are listening to either an angel or a demon appears in front of you.

The angel that they called "Meru" in a blog post a while ago his full name is Mercurius (CV: Yusa Kouji). Your parents are both always busy with work, so you are always left alone. One day your father bys you a painting of an angel, so "you won't have to be lonely while they are gone". When you go to bed that night, you suddenly hear a voice saying that it will grant you any wish, and when you open your eyes the angel from the painting is standing in front of you.

The demon that was called "Nuu" before his full name is Venus (CV: Kuroda Takaya). The setting is pretty much the same, except that this time you received a painting of a demon, so this time a demon appears.

Preview tracks for both CDs are on the site as well. In Meru his track you have already fallen asleep and he wonders whether you will be able to talk more tomorrow, and to his surprise you answer in your sleep. Venus his track is pretty much the same, except that in my case his voice landed a critical hit in the fangirl zone. I was totally unprepared for that one.

Judging by the fact that the summary and the preview tracks are almost identical, I am guessing that both CDs will follow a similar scenario, and that the difference lies with the completely different personalities of Meru and Venus.

Time for the next Honeymoon! In vol.10 you'll get married to Miura Asahi (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki), and your honeymoon takes you to Germany. Asahi writes and draws picture books and loves fairytales, so you will be visiting lots of castles and other places that look ike they came out of a fairytale. On top of that it seems like they are taking the release date in consideration as well, as the site mentions you will be seeing Germany in a Christmas atmosphere.

Asahi apparently has good looks, is smart, and not bad with people, but he is only interested in his new bride (you) and acts very cold towards almost everyone else. Almost everything he does is centred around you. He also has a bit of a sexy atmosphere and has no problem verbally expressing his love for you either.

I am really happy to see Konishi-san voice another otome CD, but since we are visiting Germany this time all I could think is "why didn't they chose Kakihara Tetsuya???". Considering that he grew up in there and actually speaks the language... Ah well, they can still use him if they make one for Austria, that'll be close enough. *cough* Either way, the release is planned for 2012.11.28

Kannou Mukashi Banashi
Neither the official site nor the blog have updated on this, but neowing lists 官能昔話8 ~お姫様物語~ (kannou mukashi banashi 8 ~ohime-sama monogatari~, Kannou Mukashi Banashi ~Princess Stories~) for a 2012.12.26 release, along with Inoue Kazuhiko, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Okamoto Nobuhiko, and Masuda Toshiki as cast.

Last time Masuda Toshiki acted as an apprentice learning to take over the introduction part from Inoue Kazuhiko, So I am guessing that he will do something similar this time. Judging by the title all of the stories will have something to do with a princess, although I am wondering which ones they will choose.

It has been over a year since the collection box was released, and I was beginning to wonder whether the series was stopped, so I am incredibly happy that there is a new Kannou Mukashi Banashi coming (assuming that the listing is indeed correct. But it was also mentioned on 2ch, which tends to be accurate). And if this series is still ongoing, I am also secretly hoping that Mousou Esthe and Tap Trap Love will also continue.


  1. I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY ABOUT KURODA'S "NUU" VOICE! It's pleasant to hear yuusa's "meru" voice but when it was nuu's turn... *meltingintopuddle* especially when his sample track started with him exhaling right next to your ear... *squealed* and that pitch is just... *swoon*

    I'm looking forward the next honeymoon series :DDD AND I REALLY WANTED TO GO TO GERMANY TOO! (although Japan still tops the list /fufu) and once again I agree with you, it SHOULD HAVE BEEN voiced by Kakki. THAT, would be perfect :DD

    I have yet to try Oujisama (Warai) series but I'm planning to since you have recommended it in your post a while back. Is it better to listen to the original (?) series (as in from the start) first or I could just listen to the upcoming 'date CD' series as it is?

    1. I'd recommend listening from the start because they like to make references to past CDs. Even in the preview track (which is the beginning of the very first track) Rapunzel is talking about how he met the Prince from Swan Lake, while the other two haven't met him yet. This is a reference to the 6th CD, where Rapunzel was indeed present but the other two weren't. Stuff like that happens a lot.

    2. Ah... and here I was hoping for the former :L Oh well, at least I get to hear more drama cds in return *yay* Although it might take a while before I could listen to the "date cd" it seems. How many volumes are there in total for the whole Oujisama (Warai) series up until now?

    3. Oh you won't miss any vital information, just a few references, so if you want you can start anywhere you like (^-^)

      But in total:
      Main series: 6
      Yomikatari: 2
      Vacation: 2
      Oujisama Gakuen: 1
      Radio CD: 1

      So a total of 12 (or 11 if you don't count the radio CD).


      *sigh* Oh well, on another note, did you review all of the series? I have yet to read through all your reviews as much as I'd like.

    5. Haha, yes 12.

      The only ones that I haven't reviewed yet are the Oujisama (warai) Gakuen one and the Radia CD (and a couple of tokuten CDs maybe). The rest of them are all there, although I haven't been reviewing them in the right order either xD

    6. *shakes head* Such is the sort of problem an otome fangirl would have to face and go through (and maybe rejoice too? XD)

      Are you going to review them then, sometime in the near future? Thank you very, very much for reviewing them <33 and every other drama cds you've reviewed :3

    7. I plan to review them, but real life has been so busy that I've hardly had the time to listen, let alone write a review for anything. And that while there are so many interesting things being released (T^T).

    8. Ah I think I might understand what you're going through *pats eri* I havent had time to listen 75% of drama cds I had in my collection yet *facepalm* and that collection keeps on expanding as well too... Are you working or still studying?

      It's just isn't fair that there's sooooo many yummy stuffs being released but we have no time to have a taste of it, let alone savour it -_-;; GANBATTE ERI-SAN!! Hope it'll get better soon. Looking forward to your next review :DD

    9. Both xD
      I work 2 days a week and am finishing my final year at university (for real this time hopefully).

      I know right?! It is impossible to keep up with the rate they are releasing things. There are some CDs I'd like to listen to again, but whenever I do I feel guilty because I could also be listening to something new during that time... orz.

      It would probably help if I would be more productive during the day, unfortunately I seem to function best at night. Which is why am still busy with compiling data for my thesis at 3am in the morning (^-^;;)

    10. いいね、I envy you; It's nice being able to have a part-time job; Although I'm not sure if you'd share the same sentiment as me (^^;;;) LOL What do you mean "for real this time"? Was there a time where/when it didn't?

      *nod in agreement* We are in the same boat indeed. The only times I could listen are either when I'm having self-study session and on the bus (on the way to the town or church) other than that... *sigh* nope QwQ If only my Japanese is decent enough *facepalm*

      Ah lucky you (or should I say unlucky you instead? ^^;) I used to be able to still function around those unearthly hours, but it seems that my current time limit's not long after midnight where I'd just drift off straightaway without myself knowing.

    11. I was supposed to graduate last year, but failed to due failing several courses (because my attendance was too low orz).

      Oh I pay the price for staying up too late in the morning. But when I'm finally getting stuff done I am not going to stop myself.

  2. Where did you find the preview track for: Atashi no Shimobe-kun? I tried googling it (as あたしの僕くん), but all I could find was a preorder site.

    1. The official site. Just click on either CD on the official site and there should be a preview video. I've added a link to the official site in the post but I'll post it here as well:

      http://www.ike-men.net/simobe/index.html (^-^)

  3. HELL YEAH! In the next honeymoon we will visit Germany! As a German citizen I have to listen to it!!(人´∀`*)Yeah, I agree with you, why didn't they cast Kakihara Tetsuya? I mean, it would have been THE perfect match. 8D

    I'm looking forward to BB's new CD series Mikkai ~Secret Tryst~. Hopefully it will make me cry. xD