Love Sweets Vol.2

ラブ★スイーツ Vol.2

Company: Livret
Based on: Cooking/baking
Released: 2010.08.13

Love Sweets is a series in which you cook / bake sweets together with your boyfriend. It isn't explicitly stated that you are dating but it is kind of obvious. Each CD has two guys, and you make something different with each of them. The second CD has Miyano Mamoru and Hino Satoshi. Surprisingly, the series really is more about telling you how to cook a recipe than acting all lovey-dovey.

The first character to help you make something is your butler (CV: Miyano Mamoru). You don't feel like getting out of bed unless he makes you some sweets, and when he promises to do so you want to help. Thus you show up in the kitchen a few minutes later to make an almond Florentine. This side is so incredibly sweet it almost hurts. As you can guess your butler is head over heels in love with you and he worries about everything you do. When you've finally finished making the Florentine you ask him to sit with you to eat it he completely freaks out because there is no way that is allowed. Yet he does kiss you slightly after that, hmmmm.

In the second scenario the roles are reversed and you are now a maid, trying to wake up the young master (CV: Hino Satoshi). This time he doesn't want to get up until you promise to make him something, but he also offers to help. Just like in the first CD you are the one that knows the recipe in the second story. It is obvious that he likes you though, even having small conversations with himself on how to make your time together last longer.

Thanks to Miyano-san his extremely sweet butler story this CD is probably even sweeter than the first one, bordering on the too sweet line. The first character feels a little overdone though, so I didn't enjoy that one too much. In terms of recipes; I'd like to try and make the second one some time.

Whether this is a positive remark or not, I think I liked the free talk best. While they did their recordings separately Miyano-san and Hino-san recorded the free talk together. It begins very cryptically with Miyano-san saying thanks for something that happened a little while ago, but we never get to now what it was about. They talk a bit about their roles (partly explaining them to each other) and Hino-san says that he found his role (which he describes as "tsun-tsun dere-dere chu-chu") slightly embarrassing to do.

They continue to talk about sweets for a while, and amongst other things they about an Aomori prefecture speciality called サバップル (sabappuru) which is apparently an apple pie with mackarel in it (I kid you not, go and google it). Either way, they are obviously having a lot of fun in the free talk.

This was even sweeter than the first CD, and a bit too much for my taste. Even though it is still mostly about actually making the sweets and almost no lovey-dovey.


  1. You got me curious about the CD.
    Could you tell me where I can find it or listen to it?
    That'd be great. Thank you.

    1. Just google on the title in Japanese and download and what you are looking for is among the first few hits..