Weekly News Post

Black Butterfly has announced a new series: 密会~Secret Tryst~ (mikkai, secret meeting). The series will be about "a secret love that you can't mention to anyone". The story will be recorded with the dummy head mic, and 4 volumes have been planned for now. The seiyuu are as follows: vol.1 - Hino Satsoshi, vol.2 - Ono Yuuki, vol.3 - Nojima Kenji, and vol.,4 - Ookawa Tohru. No release dates have been given yet, so we'll have to wait for the teaser site to open for that.

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
The official page has updated with the visuals for vol.4: Kibara no Toganin ("criminal of the yellow rose"). Our vampire this time is Friedrich von Weiseheldenburg (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke). Interestingly enough, the tracklist has suddenly switched to French influences instead of German, which makes me wonder whether Friedrich will be calling you mademoiselle this time. The release is still planned for 2012.10.17.

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru   
The official site hasn't updated yet, but Stellaworth and Animate list Ono Daisuke has the seiyuu for the final CD in the Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru series, and 2012.10.31 as the release date. Now that we know the final seiyuu the next question will be whether they will release a second series? Considering that this was originally announced as "the first series".

Double Score
The sample tracks for Ninomiya Souichirou (CV: Nakata Jouji) are up. In the first track Ninomiya is asking Sakita Takuto (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) about how to show that he and his girlfriend are a proper couple, because they were apparently mistaken for father - daughter. (granted, technically he could be). Apparently Ninomiya is Sakita his senpai. In the second track he is discussing the same problem with you.

Up to now I haven't had many problems with the whole age difference concept in this series, but this time things were really starting to feel awkward. A 29 year difference really is a bit much.

Abunai Koi no Sousashitsu
The mobile game is getting another drama CD: Kanojo no Goukon wo Soshi seyo! ("[we must] prevent her goukon [from happening!]"). Judging by the title it looks like the entire cast is going to try and stop you from going to a goukon (mixer party) or obstruct said goukon in other ways. The release is planned or 2012.11.21

Watashi no Shimobe-kun
The official blog has been updated with some info about the tokuten for Watshi no Shimobe-kun, along with a short post about the title. Seems like I wasn't the only one who mistakenly read "わたしの僕くん" as "watashi no boku kun". The correct reading however is "watashi no shimobe kun", which makes a lot more sense because shimobe means servant. So the series is probably about having an angel or a devil as your servant.

As for the tokuten, they are including mini posters with the CD (although I am guessing that this is only for those who order through the cineria shop).

Kareshi Igai
In the same post they also announce a second Kareshi Igai spin-off CD: Kareshi Shoukaku ~Tsubame-kun no amai? seikatsu~ ("promotion to boyfriend ~Tsubame-kun his sweet? life~"). "昇格" (shoukaku) means "to rise in status", so I'm guessing this means that Tsubame-kun became your actual boyfriend instead of just a fling. No release date has been mentioned yet.

Himitsu no Toriai CD
Girl's Style is releasing a CD based on their radio show "himitsu no fukurotoshi". The show is hosted by Hirakawa Daisuke and Ono Yuuki, and each episode has a guest seiyuu. The listener is being pulled back an forth between the characters each of the seiyuu play. The entire radio show is recorded with the dummy head mic, and the drama parts are being published as one CD.

The guest seiyuu on the CD are KENN, Tsuda Kenjirou & Yonaga Tsubasa, Kondo Takashi, and Takahashi Naozumi. A new episode written especially for this CD will also be included. I can't find an official release date yet, but the CD will be on pre-sale ate the Dengeki 20year anniversary festival on 2012.10.20/21

This seems to be a new series by Apple Forest/ Air Agency, but what it is about is a bit unclear to me. The official site explains tat it is a series that "pays attention to the different ways of 'breathing' in daily life", but that explanation leaves me with a lot of question marks.

To make things more complicated only the second CD in the series is labelled as "for women", and the summary for the first one sounds very much like BL. Which confuses me (and a lot of people on 2chan).

Th e first CD is about the daily life of two guys at the office. The one is a boss who is respected by all, and the other is a new employee who admires said boss but tend to make mistakes himself. This one is planned for a 2012.10.26 release.

The second CD puts the listener in several situations with one of two guys. An older one who seems gentle but is actually quite mean, and an ore-sama childhood friend with mood swings. This CD is planned for a 2013.01.23 release. To be honest, I have no idea on what to expect.


  1. "密会~Secret Tryst~ vol.1 - Hino Satsoshi, vol.2 - Ono Yuuki"

    ...my two favorite seiyuu plus a dummy head mic. I am going crazy not knowing this release date now. X'D

  2. Oh la la! Thanks for the update. The Mikkai series and Himitsu no Toriai are intriguing me. Wonder what kind of trysts the listener will be in hehehe. Very interesting (*^v^)!

  3. Oh wow, Jouji Nakata and Keiji Fujiwara on the same CD - not sure if my ears are ready for this, almost melted away while listening to the samples... (_´∀`)

    It was about time the otome industry had some serious age gaps, I'm all over Double Score for sure~ (≧∇≦_) *definitely has some fuses missing*