Love Sweets Vol.01

ラブ★スイーツ Vol.1

Company: Livret
Based on: Cooking/baking
Released: 2010.01.16

Love Sweets is a series in which you cook / bake sweets together with your boyfriend. It isn't explicitly stated that you are dating but it is kind of obvious. Each CD has two guys, and you make something different with each of them. The first CD has Ishida Akira and Hoshi Souichirou. Surprisingly, the series really is more about telling you how to cook a recipe than acting all lovey-dovey.

You make a gateau chocolat (chocolate cake) together with Ishida-san (his character doesn't seem to have a name...). You call him because you want him to help you make a chocolate cake, so the next day he comes over to help you. He mostly just explains what you need to do though (but he does help you with beating the egg whites). It is sweet but for the most part a full walkthrough on how to make a chocolate cake. You do get a kiss at the end though.

Hoshi Souichirou his character more or less invites himself over to make ichigo daifuku (strawberry daifuku). This time you are the one that knows how to make them, which is slightly odd because he still need to explain how you are making them for the CD to work. His character is a lot more genki. I never thought of daifuku as something you could make yourself, but it doesn't sound to hard (providing that you can get all the ingredients...)

Like I said, the CD is more about the cooking instructions than acting lovey dovey, although the second character is a bit more boyfriend-ish. In the bonus tracks they do act a bit more lovey-dovey though, but only a bit. The ingredients are written in the booklet, so you can try to listen to this a few times (maybe write down what to do) and actually try to make it.

This was cute, but more than anything it made me want to try and actually make the things they describe. I don't think I'll be able to get all the ingredients for the ichigo daifuku while I'm back in the netherlands, but the first one should definitely be possible. Hmmmm...

PS: Livret, the company publishing this series, was a daughter company of Melonbooks that made stuff aimed at women. Unfortunately it has been closed down.

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