OtomeDora Summer 2012 Seiyuu Ranking

No review today, but the seiyuu ranking from the 2012 Summer OtomeDora instead. Just like the previous one, this is a ranking based on how many otome drama CDs the seiyuu have voiced.

1. Toriumi Kousuke  (83)
2. Ishida Akira  (68)
3. Ono Daisuke  (67)
3. Yusa Kouji  (67)

5. Hirakawa Daisuke  (56)
6. Sakurai Takahiro  (53)
7. Namikawa Daisuke  (50)
8. Yoshino Hiroyuki  (49)
9. Sugita Tomokazu  (47)
9. Shimono Hiro  (47)

11. Terashima Takuma  (46)
12. Suwabe Junichi  (43)
13. Miyano Mamoru  (42)
13. Suzumura Kenichi  (42)
15. Kishio Daisuke  (41)
15. Kaji Yuuki  (41)
17. Morikubou Shoutarou  (39)
18. Kamiya Hiroshi  (38)
18. Nakamura Yuuichi  (38)
20. Okiayu Ryoutarou  (37)
20. Miki Shinichirou  (37)
22. Hoshi Souichirou  (34)
22. Taniyama Kishou  (34)
24. Morikawa Toshiyuki  (32)
24. Tachibana Shinnosuke  (32)
26. Hatano Wataru  (31)
26. Ookawa Tohru  (31)
28. Fukuyama Jun  (30)
29. Okamoto Nobuhiko  (27)
30. Midorikawa Hikaru  (24)
30. Suzuki Tatsuhisa  (24)

32. Kondo Takeshi  (23)
33. Maeno Tomoaki  (22)
33. Yonaga Tsubasa  (21)
35. Hirata Hiroaki  (20)
36. Fujiwara Keiji  (19)
37. Konishi Katsuyuki  (18)
37. Yasumoto Hiroki  (18)
37. Kakihara Tetsuya  (18)
40. Hino Satoshi  (17)
41. Miyata Kouki  (16)
41. Nakai Kazuya  (16)
41. Takahashi Hiroki  (16)
41. Sugiyama Noriaki  (16)
45. Seki Toshihiko  (15)
45. Tsuda Kenjirou  (15)
47. Toyonaga Toshiyuki  (14)
48. Miura Hiroaki  (13)
48. KENN  (13)
48. Seki Tomokazu  (13)

To be honest I am REALLY surprised at the top 3. And I am really getting curious about what the requirements for something to be counted are, because this would mean that Toriumi Kousuke would have had his voice on 29 new releases since last June. Ishida Akira makes his way into the top 3, while Hirakawa Daisuke drops to the 5th spot.

Sakurai is keeps his 6th place (yay!)

Yoshino Hiroyuki jumps from the 17th spot to the 8th one, while Kamiya Hiroshi drops from 12 all the way down to the 18th. (he really doesn't do many otome CDs huh?). Morikubo Shoutarou goes from 28 to 17, and Okiayu Ryoutarou sneaks his way into the top 20 as well. Hatano Wataru and Hoshi Souichirou drop out of the top 20 in return, but otherwise the top 20 remains largely the same.

The seiyuu ranking 20th to 30th remain largely the same, although their positions are heavily shuffled. Hirata Hiroaki and Yonaga Tsubasa drop out while Susuki Tatsuhisa sneaks his way in.

From 30 onwards the rankings are shuffled a bit, but nothing much changes despite some of them lending their voices to more new releases than a few seiyuu higher in the ranking. Miyake Kenta drops out of sight, but makes place for KENN and Seki Tomokazu.

(I feel like a sports announcer xD )

Any thoughts or theories are more than welcome!


  1. Wow the number of works is really high! And this ranking is just for the summer?
    Hm, I think I kind of didn't expect Ishida Akira to be right in the second place.

    Haha I only noticed that you actually sounded like a sports announcer after you said that! :)

    1. It seems to be some sort of total ranking. They had one in both Otomedo Vol.1 and 2 as well, and the numbers are only going up.

      But I am reeeeeaaaaaly curious on how they are counting this.

  2. I'm not surprised at all that Toriumi gets 1st place, I mean he's practically everywhere this year lol. I'm really surprised about Ishida though, I don't recall him having that many releases this year! Not sure if this will be correct but I'm predicting that Kamiya will just continue to slide down [looking at the jobs he's taken so far, he seems to focus more on anime compared to drama CDs and game?], and Okiayu will go up even more.

    Maybe it's just me but lately I've been seeing Okiayu in a lot of releases... And I'm a bit worried about Terasshi, after what happened to Kokoro Connect :/

    1. I'm curious what will happen with Terashima as well. It will probably take a little while to see any real effects though.