MESSAGE 4 U vol.2 I’m sorry to U

MESSAGE 4 U vol.2 I’m sorry to U

Company: Honey Bee
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.10.30
Official site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/me_top.html

Message 4 U is a series in which the postmen of the Mitsubachi (honey bee) post office deliver a message to you in a very special way. When they receive a letter it gets scattered through time, and you yourself have to find several messages before it becomes a whole letter again. These messages are in places that have something to do with the contents of the letter.

The second CD is titled “I’m sorry to U” and the letter send is a letter of apology. The postmen ‘delivering’ the message this time are Cristofer “Cris” Adolff (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) and Hermann Frohlich (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) In the first track the letter is delivered to the post office, after that they take you on a tour through your memories to find the messages.

After postmen with English names, we now get postmen with German names, haha. Despite his last name meaning “cheerful” Hermann is far from the cheerful type. In fact he is quite rough and impolite. Chris on the other hand is gentle and polite for the both of them.

Just like in the first CD they need to find you and explain things before you can go message hunting. Hermann his way of trying to make you come along is almost kidnapping, no wonder you are scared of him at first. And just like in the first CD they both try to explain the whole process, but both fail at giving an understandable explanation. Eventually you are on your way, but not before they fight over who gets to use the time traveling book.

Once again you watch 5 events from your past. This time the letter is a letter of apology, so the scenes you see are things for which your friend still wanted to apologise. This times the scenes are in your room, you meeting up with that friend, the two of you at a cafe, at the nurse’s office, and your house when you were both still little. In all of these scenes you worry whether there was something you could have done, and of course Hermann and Chris try to cheer you up.

One of the best moments is when you talk about the ‘love’ because you and your friend in the past were talking about it, and Hermann and Chris keep telling each other to answer because they both aren’t good with love problems. For some reason their interactions also made my BL radar react, and that while I don’t usually go that way...

When you’ve collected all message parts you head to the Mitsubachi Post Office where the two of them read the letter for you. And to make sure you don’t feel bad about anything they take you on a picnic before returning you to your own time. Of course, both of them have completely fallen for you by that time. Hermann his goodbye is one of the most adorable things in this CD.

I noticed one thing that already bugged me in the first CD but that I forgot to mention; the listener seems to take both the role of the person delivering the letter, and the role of the one receiving it. Of course these are two entirely different people (it is after all a letter that a friend send to you) but this is kind of confusing.

Obviously this is just as cute as the first CD. Hermann is kind of tsundere, while Chris is the cute character this time. Once again the thing I liked best was their interactions, instead of them liking me.


  1. Hello! I've been sneaking in your blog for some time. Thank you for your reviews! They help a lot since I'm not so good at the Japanese language. (Sorry for not having posted anything before.)

    I don't know how to contact you, so I decide to post it here. I've recently started a blog and I'd like to ask for your permission to have a link to your page.


    1. Of course you can link here! Feel free to do so :)

    2. Thank you!