Honeymoon Vol.5: Sano Eita

Honeymoon Vol.5 佐野瑛太 

Company: Fortissimo
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.06.28
Official Site: http://www.otome-ff.jp/work/work12.html

In the Honeymoon series you get a chance to go on your honeymoon with you brand new husband. Scenes from the proposal, the wedding, your honeymoon, and when you return are all included. Your groom this time is Sano Eita (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), your high school sweetheart.

The CD begins with the confession scene from a few years ago. You were the manager of the soccer club, and Eita the captain at that time. You called him to the club room to confess, but can't say a thing, so eventually he ends up confessing first. Kind of cute really.

We then switch to your last year at university. You are both busy getting a job (which is serious business in Japan) although you haven't managed to find one yet. Eita tells you that he does have an offer, but that would require him to move to Kyuushuu, and he can't imagine living without you. So he asks you to come with him, as his wife. He doesn't have a ring or anything, but you don't mind.

Cut again to the two of you living together as a married couple a few months later. Eita tells you that you are making him happy, but that he feels that he isn't making you happy, not even being able to hold a proper wedding ceremony or anything. So he wants to at least go on a honeymoon, it might be impossible right now, but in one year it should be possible. You immediately say you want to go to Spain.

So one year later you are on your way to Spain. You'll have to go through a few very painful moments of Eita asking the way or other stuff in English, acting incredibly high tension when he does. He gets even more excited when you manage to get tickets for a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Being the soccer fan that he is Eita completely loses sight of what is going on around him. Strangely, I actually thought it was somehow endearing.

You wanted to go to Spain to visit the Prado museum. Eita really does seem out of place here, but he obviously does his best to put up with it for you. The paintings they are talking about btw, are Las Meninas, and I am guessing La maja desnuda. (Eita mentions that he won't look directly at a painting of a naked woman).

While he tries his best here he does fail miserably a little later. You go on a tour of the various bars one night, and he drinks something everywhere, eventually getting completely drunk. When you return to your hotel room he mentions wanting to do it, but ends up falling asleep and remembering nothing the next morning. No worries though, you will get your dosis of eroi the next night.

Back at home some time has passed since your honeymoon. Still feeling bad for not proposing to you properly, Eita surprises you by getting a ring after all, and making a proper proposal. He also says he still wants to hold a proper ceremony one day.

For those of you who know that I'm not really a fan of Yoshino Hiroyuki it might come as a surprise that I actually really liked this CD. Sure, the character (and Yoshino his voice) are still not my favourite, but compared to the rest of the series this CD just felt so much more real. It is far from the perfect wedding and honeymoon, but much more realistic.

Eita doesn't have the money to buy you a shiny ring or hold a proper wedding at the moment he proposes to you, but he really loves you a lot and doesn't want to be separated from you so he proposes. You seem to be living a reasonably happy life but still feeling guilty about possibly not making you happy he makes sure to save up money so you can still go on a honeymoon. Not to mention the final track where he gives you the ring after all this time.

And of course he isn't exactly the ideal husband on your honeymoon, getting drunk and everything. Sure, you could argue that all of this is unrealistic as well, but if felt more plausible than a husband who spends god knows how much money on you (yes I'm looking at you Otoya and Ryou). If I had to name something really unrealistic about this CD, it is you for some reason being a natural talent at flamenco dancing.

Unfortunately Yoshino-san let's me down a little bit in the freetalk, where he mostly talks about his fear of flying. Which is something that I don't share so I wasn't to interested. What was interesting though is him mentioning that the staff gave him all kinds of travel pamphlets. Yusa Kouji mentions those as well in his own freetalk of vol.4, so apparently the seiyuu were given background information and pictures to help them.

I'm really happy that they took a step back from the perfect honeymoon and husband, and moved a little more into believable territory. I hope that they'll continue this for the upcoming CD's. Yoshino-san is never going to be one of my favourite seiyuu, but I liked his act in his CD.

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