Message 4 U vol.1 Happy Birthday to U

MESSAGE 4 U vol.1 Happy birthday to U

Company: Honey Bee
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.08.28
Official site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/me_top.html

Message 4 U is a series in which the postmen of the Mitsubachi (honey bee) post office deliver a message to you in a very special way. When they receive a letter it gets scattered through time, and you yourself have to find several messages before it becomes a whole letter again. These messages are in places that have something to do with the contents of the letter.

The first CD is titled “Happy Birthday to U” and the letter send is of course a birthday wish. The postmen ‘delivering’ the message are Malcom Catley (CV: Ishida Akira) and Rio Alcott (CV: Shimono Hiro). In the first track the letter is delivered to the post office, after that they take you on a tour through your memories to find the messages.

Rio is the younger on of the two and basically really cute and naive. He calls Malcom ‘senpai’ and gets scolded by him a lot for acting rash or not doing things properly. The interaction between them is part of what makes this CD so cute.
But before you can go collect the messages they still need to find you of course. Rio does an exceptionally bad job at that telling you that he is searching for someone - when you turn out to be the one he is searching for. They explain how the entire letter thing works (although they aren’t very good at explaining) and you head off!

You visit several scenes from your past, one where you are shopping with a friend, your house, your school, your house again (during your birthday party when you were little), and the hospital on the day that you were born. During the time that you see all these scenes Rio and Malcom talk with you, listen to your worries, try to cheer you up, and are obviously attracted to you.

When you’ve got all messages you return to the Mitsubachi post office, where they read the entire letter to you. In the final track they celebrate your birthday with you like they promised somewhere earlier in the CD.

This is a super cute and heartwarming CD. Apparently you were worried about whether your friends really liked you, and this was your friend her way of saying that she really likes you and hopes you will always be friends. The story mood never gets heavy though, thanks to Rio and Malcom being too busy adoring you to let that happen.

I would have loved it if the actual letter was included with the booklet or something, instead of them reading it aloud to you. Somehow it would have been perfect if you went to gather all the messages in the drama CD, and then had to read the actual letter yourself.

Like most Honey Bee things this CD is very cute. Personally I thought the interactions between Rio and Malcom were the most interesting part of the CD though. Neither of them is my type (Rio is too naive and Malcom is, well, voiced by Ishida) so I guess that is why I was more interested in their interaction than in them liking me (*´艸`*)

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