Honeymoon Vol.4: Kashiwagi Ryou

Honeymoon vol.4 柏木稜

Company: Fortissimo
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.04.28
Official Site: http://www.otome-ff.jp/work/work10.html

In the Honeymoon series you get a chance to go on your honeymoon with you brand new husband. Scenes from the proposal, the wedding, your honeymoon, and when you return are all included. Your groom this time is Kashiwagi Ryou (CV: Yusa Kouji) the young president of the company where you work.

The CD starts with Ryou recalling how you met. Without knowing that he was actually the company president you walked up to him at work saying that one of his buttons was loose, and offered to attach it again. Intrigued he asked you out on a date. You dated for a few times before you asked you to be his girlfriend, and only after you accepted he revealed who he was. You've been hiding your relationship all this time, and he wants to bring it out in the open. Not by revealing that you are dating, but by marrying you.

A little while later he comes back home late while you are watching a travel program you like, which covers Hong Kong this time. Ryou says he has never been there and would like to go, so you decide to go there. He won't be able to take time off right after your wedding though, so you go on your honeymoon before you get married. Ryou asks you to let him plan all of it.

I will take the easy route and just summarize the entire honeymoon as follows: Rich. From traveling around Hong Kong in a limousine, to staying in a top class hotel, to stuff like Peking duck and shark-fin soup, to eventually going to the casinos in Macau, everything just screams rick. I was saying Otoya was spending money like it is water in vol.2, Ryou is also a big spender.

Different from the others Ryou doesn't seem to feel like waiting until the final night for the action though. When you first arrive he also seems in the mood. Unfortunately the scene gets cut off, so we still have to wait until the final night. And I could swear you hear undressing sounds during the kissing. Or mabey I'm just getting ahead of myself.

The final track is when you've returned to Japan, and Ryou is giving a speech at your wedding. I failed to be really moved by it though *is shot*.

Ryou really does everything for you, and you are being spoiled to no end. He doesn't seem to mind spending money to make you happy. How on earth you didn't know he was your employer is a mystery to me though. Another thing that bothered me is that Ryou speaks Japanese to the staff of the restaurant when you arrive. Either all high class restaurant in Hong Kong come with Japanese speaking staff, or someone overlooked something here.

Ryou is described as being slightly S on the official site, and while he does tease you a bit it could have been more. Unfortunately this series is much too candy coated for that. Ryou is a little less sweet than Yuuto and Daichi and more like Otoya though.

In the free talk Yusa first says this was a bit embarrassing to do, and then follows with a "just kidding". He hopes that this made you feel like you went to Hong Kong yourself, and also says that you might be able to go there yourself. Although you probably shouldn't eat Peking Duck and stuff like that or you might go over your budget xD 

This was a little less sweet again, but also featured a groom who obviously has too much money again. In fact, Ryou and Otoya might actually be very alike?!?. Either way, this vol was a bit too unrealistic for me. Luckily, the next vol does a better job at that, so look forward to the review for that!!

ps: this is my favourite cover in this series.

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