Koisuru Lesson Series: Kaname Yuuto no Perfect Lesson


Company: Broccoli
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.09.22
Official Site: http://www.broccoli.co.jp/cd/sp/lovelesson/

Koisuru Lesson is a series in which you date your instructor/teacher. Each vol. has a different character that teaches something (cooking, violin, English, etc). The setting is that you are both a student and the girlfriend of said character. There are six CD's in total, divided in pairs, and the characters make cameo appearances in the CD they are paired with.

This CD has Kanade Yuuto (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) who is a student at a music university, and your violin instructor. Kanade his attitude towards you is actually slightly different while acting as your teacher or when you are on a date. You yourself seem to be a bit of an airhead this time.

The story starts during class, and I have to say that the single time that I held I violin in my hands I managed to make it sound better than this. Then again I wasn’t specifically aiming for a certain note. After the lesson he walks you home, and when you’ve almost reached home you bump into Kobayashi “Ridai” Michihiro (CV: Hatano Wataru), your childhood friend.

Yuuto and Michihiro are also friends from school, so he invited the both of you to his room to talk a  bit. Michihiro teases Yuuto a lot about the two of you, which isn’t really made any better by you not being able to name anything that you like about Yuuto after he was forced to say what he like about you.

It has been a while since the two of you went on a date, and because he is free the day after you invite him to do something together. And then turn up late yourself. You spend your date shopping for CD’s and other stuff, and eventually go to the park, and rent a boat to go rowing. In the middle of the lake you corner Yuuto asking whether everything is OK because he has been strange lately. Turn out that he was having trouble writing songs lately, but he feels like this date gave him new inspiration.

Yuuto is slightly tsundere, but sweet none the less. To be honest he is quite patient with you as you are causing him all sorts of trouble (in a cute naive way). Just like in the Hanikami Lesson CD he is teased quite a bit by Michihiro (poor guy, even in his own CD is is being teased). Maybe because I listened to this immediately after Hanikami Lesson, but I was way too partial to Michihiro the entire time he was there.

The violin music that played was a nice little touch. I’d like to think of it as the piece of music that Yuuto wrote after your date.

I’m way too partial to Hanikami lesson, but this was a nice CD as well. Yuuto is very different from Michihiro, which made it easier to enjoy them in different ways.

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