Diabolik Lovers Vol.6: Shuu

Two Toriumi reviews so close together and as different as they can be, haha. This was pure coincidence though, because it took me several nights to listen to this CD. Please tell me I am not the only one capable of falling in sleep while listening to this series.


Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.05.23
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/dialover/index.html

Diabolik Lovers is a series that leaves you at the mercy of sadistic vampires. The project features drama CD's, radio broadcasts on NicoNico Live, and a PSP game by Otomate. The drama CD's are the first to be released together with the radio broadcasts, and this is vol.6 featuring Shuu.

Shuu (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is the oldest of all the brothers, and has a very apathetic attitude. Almost everything is too much trouble, and he doesn't care about anything or anyone. He is also almost always listening to music.

The CD begins with you taking shelter from the rain on your way home. Shuu walks by, says hi, and tries to walk on. Yet for some reason you stop him. He doesn't want to walk home with you, or take shelter because he is already soaked anyway. To make things worse, his earphones break, for which he blames you because you kept him standing in the rain.You get shoved to the ground, and he even steps on your hand, but gets bored real fast and quits. He almost wants to take a nap on the side of the road because he is feeling sleepy before you drag him along running towards home at full speed.

(where on earth you found the strength to do that is a mystery)

Now most of us would probably be like "run to your room before something bad happens!" after all off the shit that went down in the other CD's. But to my surprise you keep following Shuu around. You are worried that he will go to bed in his wet clothes (which he was planning on doing btw) and keep insisting on him changing into something else. Even though he almost strangles you at one point, you keep insisting.

So he tells you that if you want him to change you should just take his clothes of yourself, which you start doing, but you get embarrassed halfway through. Then he orders you to strip, which you do but you hide under the blankets of his bed. Lots of humiliating you later, he starts asking whether you like him, which is when things really go wrong.

He tells you that if you want to stay by his side, you'll have to give him your blood and hands you a knife. So you slice your neck. As if that isn't bad enough he says the wound is too small, so you open it further by pulling it open with your fingers. At this point in the CD I was really considering quitting. I've endured a lot in this series, but this really was too much for me. Somehow I managed to keep listening though. The rest is all dummy head mic , but it is also all bloodsucking and Shuu saying he wants to see more of your expressions of pain.

In all of the other CDs I could feel sympathy for the heroine/listener, but in this CD... You keep bugging Shuu though he obviously wants to be left alone. Over half of the CD his is telling you to leave him alone yet you keep bugging him. And the fact that you are willing to cut your own neck was just *shudders* This is the first time that it was obvious that the heroine really is a do-M and willing to do all sorts of things and willingly suffers pain. That combined with the fact that Shuu doesn't care about you at all was just too much.

I noticed before that there is almost no romance in these CDs. Subaru shows a liiiiitle bit of affection and Kanato is weirdly possessive, but on the whole none of them care about you. I'm the kind of person that can handle do-S and yandere as long as the characters have a little bit of love for you, but this series really is a bit much. The earlier volumes were still bearable, but the further you get the worse you are treated (with the exception of Reiji maybe).

I knew about some stuff in this CD before listening to it, and I have to agree with most people: Yui (the default name of the heroine in the games), WTF are you doing?!?! This CD really was to much for me.

And yet, despite all of the horrors going down in this CD, the background music was so relaxed I fell asleep every single time I listened to it. I ended up searching for the point where I fell asleep the night before and then listening for another 10min before I fell asleep again.

Do not want, Do not want, Do not want, Toriumi sounding sexy, Do not want, Do not want, Do not want, but why am I still interested in the radio show and the VS CD's? Probably mostly because I hope that they will show even just a small shimmer of affection in those...


  1. Shuu's CD kinda makes me wonder whether Yui was actually trying to resist the other brothers' advances or was it all an act, seeing as she was a do-M all along O_O. I agree, I'm interested in seeing how otomate will turn this into a otome game if the characters show you little to no affection.

  2. I've just noticed, but...Perhaps this is desired effect, no? They keep us addicted to this series hoping they will show some kind of affection. Maybe, in a really strange way, Yui hopes so too.
    Just a little thing that crossed my thoughts.