Honeymoon Vol.3: Mizunuma Daichi

Honeymoon Vol.3  水沼大地

Company: Fortissimo
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.03.28
Official Site: http://www.otome-ff.jp/work/work09.html

In the Honeymoon series you get a chance to go on your honeymoon with you brand new husband. Scenes from the proposal, the wedding, your honeymoon, and when you return are all included. Your groom this time is Mizunuma Daichi (CV: Fukuyama Jun).

Daichi is a vet, and your pet chihuahua “Choco” is the reason you met. One day during a check up of Choco he confesses that he likes you (by telling Choco that he likes her owner) and you start dating. He also owns a chihuahua, “Natsu”.

But this is a series about your honeymoon, so we skip the whole dating part and move right on to planning your honeymoon. Daichi loves being outdoor, so you eventually decide to go to Australia. The dogs will need to stay at home though.

There is a short scene from your wedding before you leave though. It is a garden wedding (outdoor again I suppose) and because you are both not very good with strict rules it is all very free. You also exchange your vows not for God, but for everyone present. I doubt this kind of wedding would actually work in Japan though, as they love all kinds of formalities (and tight schedules) when it comes to things like this.

Either way, after that it is off to Australia!! You first spend a few days in Kuranda, and visit the Butterfly Sanctuary and a Zoo there. You take the skyrail to get there, which is the first time Daichi discovers you are afraid of heights. If you are married I think you should have noticed that by now. Despite you being afraid of height, he takes you on a helicopter flight to see the Great Barrie Reef and the Heart Reef, a bit of a questionable choice but it appears it scenery is so beautiful that you forget your fear.

After that you fly to Gold Coast, where you spend the last three days. And on one of them you visit another Zoo, this time at night so that you can see all kinds of night animals. You spend the last day at the beach, and even ride a jet-ski together. Daichi getting all excited while riding that was super cute.

Of course there is also a night track. This time you are first taking a bath together, but when you don’t want to do anything there Daichi just picks you up and takes you to the bed (I hope you dried off, because otherwise thing will be inconvenient). He manages to sound incredibly cute while saying things that are actually... quite...eroi.

When you get back you discover that Choco has been pregnant for a while (Natsu is apparently a male dog). You are both happy, and Daichi says that means it is your turn next. Actually, he mentions kids a few times during the CD, so it is quite obvious that he want to start a family with you.

The first thing I thought after picking up this series again was “I can’t remember this series being this sweet”. But then I listened to parts of the first two CD’s again and all of the pink cloud fluffiness came back to me. This series really does see things through the pink haze of being in love.

A lot of stuff in this CD has to do with animals though. A bit too much. I know Daichi is a vet, but I could have done with a little less visiting zoo’s and more nature. But too bad. Daichi is really really cute, but personally I like FukuJun better when he uses a slightly deeper voice. The one thing that was a direct hit to my heart in this CD were the two dogs though. I can’t even see them but they already sound too cute! (and I don’t even like chihuahua’s!!)

The ending talk is Fukujun being adorable. He talks about marriage being some kind of miracle, with two people -once strangers- meeting and getting to know, eventually love each other and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. And then he says he can talk this passionately about it is because meeting the right person is like a miracle, a miracle he still hasn’t experienced. He also calls any listeners that are already married cheaters xD

This CD is back on the uber sweet level of the first CD, which is simply a bit too much if you ask me. Still, it is supposed to be a lovey dovey honeymoon, and it succeeds at that.

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  1. I've only ever listened to the Yusa Kouji one, but your review makes me want to try this one too!