Risou Kareshi Vol.1 - Cool Type

アニメイトで聞きました! 理想彼氏 第1弾 クールタイプ

Company: Marine Entertainment / Animate
Based on: A survey on what the ideal boyfriend is like
Released: 2012.06.27
Official site: http://www.marine-e.net/sp/risoukareshi/

Risou Kareshi is a project by Marine Entertainment and Animate in which the characters are based upon what the ‘ideal boyfriend’ would be like. A survey was hold at the Animate Ikebukero store, and based on the results they decided the characters their their job, hobbies, personality, and even seiyuu.

The first CD is the cool type, voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. I might be mistaken due to not having seen the booklet, but I think he is actually nameless. In most situation CD’s the character does have a name, even if it is never used, but I never heard or saw it mentioned anywhere.

Either way, your boyfriend (by lack of a better title) has a cool personality, he works as a doctor, his hobby is cooking, and he is prone to showing tears (but only in front of you). The CD starts when you are already dating, but a large part of it is a flashback on how you met.

Which was in the hospital, when you are visiting your nephew who injured his leg due to jumping off swings. When I first heard his voice I actually thought it was your niece, but they say ‘oigo’ (nephew) and refer to him as a he so it really is a boy then. Must be very young xD

At any rate, while visiting your nephew you meet your (future) boyfriend a few times in the hospital. He even drives you home one day when you are walking back through the rain. And seems genuinely worried when he hears that you caught a cold afterwards. A little while later when you are visiting again and he calls out to you, causing you to accidently cut your finger because you were cutting an apple.

He immediately helps you take care of the cut, and you say he is just like a big brother. To which he -reluctantly- replies that he wants you to see him as a man, not as a brother, and confesses that he likes you. Of course, you like him as well so that is the start of your relationship.

The last two tracks are scenes of you two together when you are already dating. The first one is at home. While eating you comment that you want to cook for him, but he is more worried that you might injure yourself (you are quite the klutz in this CD). Afterwards you are watching TV (it sounds more like you were playing a game) while he is reading a book for work. You complain that he likes reading alone more than doing something together, so he puts the book away and says he sees that as an invitation to do ‘something that you can only do together’.

In the second scene you are stuck in the traffic and he is complaining about all sorts of things. Apparently you have been dating for a while here, because he also complains about the fact that you casually said ‘isn’t it time to get married?’ and that you were much sweeter when you started dating. Eventually he says he won’t listen to you anymore so you try to get his attention with various things, which leads to him tearing up about a movie, and then saying that he’d like to be the perfect boyfriend for you now and forever (and of course you say that he is the perfect boyfriend, no matter the flaws).

I have to say this CD was different from what I expected, not in a bad way though. To begin with I was surprised to see multiple seiyuu listed as cast. I expected that this would be only Kamiya-san being the perfect boyfriend, as in going on various dates and stuff, but not that there would be other characters. Don’t get me wrong, but in a lot of situation CD’s you and your boyfriend seem to be the only people in the world, and he is the only one that can talk xD

The second surprise is that this is mostly about how you met. No endless dates or sweet situations with Kamiya-san being the perfect boyfriend, but an actual story on how you met. Don't expect a novel plot though. Still, I think I like this better than if it would have been only the two of you while you are already a couple.

There is just one thing I missed. It was said that he was prone to tears, and while he does tear up a little about the movie, I expected a little bit more. I somehow expected (or hoped for) a scene where something at work would bring him to tears at home, almost a breakdown if you want. Call me evil but I think that would have been really endearing.

Different from what I expected still interesting. I kind of like these kind of CD’s where there is also some interaction with other characters, although there might have been a liiiiitle bit more scenes with the two of you.

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