Double Score ~Camellia~

Double Score ~Camellia~

Company: BlueMoon
Based on: CD <-> Otome Game
Released: 2012.06.29
Official site: http://www.asgard-japan.com/bluemoon/ds/

Double Score is an upcoming series of otome games where every obtainable character is between 29 and 46 (the heroine is 17). The concept of the game is that "age doesn't matter when it comes to love". Before the games are released however, each character gets a situation CD.The second character to get a CD is Todaka Yousuke (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), a 32 year old salaryman. He works in the same company as Suou but in a different department.

Yousuke is busy finishing his day of work before he can go on a date with you. You haven't seen each other for an entire month, so he is really excited. And I mean really excited. Which both shows during his conversation with himself and the short phone call you make to check whether the date is still on.

Before he can go see you he still needs to visit one client though. The company is about to finish a large project for another company, and to celebrate they are planning to take the (female) president of said company to a host club. Apparently they use that club more often. Todaka just needs to go over some details with the owner, yet instead of the owner Seiya (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) shows up for the meeting. They enter the host club to go over the details, and while Seiya is getting water (he doesn't want to give anything else), Yousuke gets a mail from you asking which outfit you should wear. He eventually decides on the miniskirt outfit, to which Seiya (who just returned) replies that he is all about legs. Yousuke wonders how on earth Seiya knew what he was thinking, but it turns out he was voicing his thoughts out loud xD

After finishing their own business Seiya says the owner wanted Yousuke to pick a good wine for the shop and hands him some pamphlets. While Yousuke is looking at the wines, Seiya suddenly says he heard a certain someone recently started dating a 17year old girl, causing Yousuke to panic because he doesn't want to talk about it. Eventually it turns out that Yousuke is taking it slow with you because he is afraid that if you cross a certain line, he'll be deciding your future for you. Quite unexpectedly, it is Seiya who tells him that he should voice how he feels before he might not be able to control himself at some point.

It also turns out that Seiya made up the thing about picking a wine, he was just getting back at Yousuke for "using his precious time". So Yousuke hurries of to your meeting point but ends up being one hour late. Luckily, you are also late, but arrive just in time to see him getting hit on by two girls. Of course you misunderstand the entire situation and run of in shock like a proper otome heroine does. And of course Yousuke runs after you.

Cue dummy head mic when he catches up with you. He explains that it was a misunderstanding and you go for dinner as planned. Afterwards you are walking through the park and he tells you it is his dream to live together in the future. You tell him that is your dream as well, which leads to some nice kissing. And Yousuke asking you to stay at his place that night.

All of the things I liked from the first CD are back in this one.The brilliant interactions with the sub-character, the use of sound effect (this time you can hear cars passing by and the rustling of leaves when you are in the park) and the hilarious internal monologues. Yousuke his thoughts are even funnier than those of Suou.

I was quite surprised by Seiya his attitude and personality actually. While he is as snarky as I expected, he also seems like a hard worker and surprisingly serious about relations. I didn't expect him to be the one to give anyone relationship advise. I was also waaaaay too interested in him, to the point of being sad when his part was over. Oh well, in one month his CD will be released as well :D

Yousuke is kind of worried about your age difference in terms of being afraid that he might tie you down, especially if you 'would cross the line', which is why he is holding back on making your relationship, ummmm, physical. I felt that it is a reasonable thing to worry about, you are after all supposed to be only 17. But why he is so relieved when you tell him you want to live with him as well after worrying so long about it is a bit of a mystery to me. It is after all someone of only 17 that says it, as if you are already sure what you want for the rest of your life by then. God I must sound old saying this.

If you've got the first spress edition there is an extra track in which Yousuke answers various questions. Like hat kind of food he like (ramen) and dislikes (bell pepper), and his hobby (eating delicious food). Just like with Suou one of the questions is what kind of underwear he would like you to wear, but unlike Suou he actually answers it; it doesn't matter whether it is cute or sexy - it is all about what is inside.  

Yousuke is quite energetic, and his internal monologues are even more brilliant than Suou his thoughts. Seiya teasing Yousuke was a lot of fun as well (I am clearly focussing on the wrong character here). There is less kissing this time, and more Yousuke being silly.


  1. Hi! This coment is not really about this CD Drama, but i was wondering if you can't make a list of your recomendations? Like your favourite cd dramas! Thanks always for your reviews!

    1. Oh, I'll have to think about that for a bit before I can actually decide on a few (instead of recommending almost everything xD)

      I don't have the time to do so at the moment (swamped with pre-vacation preparations) but I'll definitely make a list some time soon!

    2. omg really?! thank you so much! it's okay, take your time! Thanks again ^^