Akogare no Situation: Shikararetai

And now back to vol.1 and 2 of this before we move on to vol.5!

憧れのシチュエーションCD vol.1 叱られたいっ

Company: Gakken
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.02.28

The Akogare no Situation CD series is based on the concept of placing you in a certain situation that you long for/want. (憧れる (akogareru) means "to long for" or "to admire"). That can be being praised, being protected and in this case; being scolded.

The CD begins with Ozawa Rikuto (CV: Morita Masakazu) waiting for you to show up on your date. You’re 1hour, 30minutes, and 35 seconds late. This first track sets the pace for this entire CD. Rikuto is hilarious. He gets annoyed with almost everything and then proceeds to scold you with, I’d almost say passion. But it is amazing.

When you finally arrive you hug him from behind (and get scolded for being late and surprising him), but you playfully run off to go shopping (and get scolded for that). While shopping you keep aimlessly browsing through stores (and get scolded for that) till you eventually return to an accessory shop where you saw a ring that you want but can’t afford (and get scolded for having unrealistic expectations).

After shopping you go watch a movie together (you get scolded for eating popcorn before the movie starts), and while he keeps saying that you should be silent it is Rikuto himself who people keep asking to stay quiet. Afterwards you go to an Italian restaurant for dinner (you get scolded for taking a taxi while he wanted to walk so that the two of you could talk). During dinner Rikuto proposes to you in a “by the way, that was me proposing to you” way, after which he immediately turns to scolding you for not being able to use your cutlery properly.

He properly brings you home, where your room is the worst mess I have ever heard someone describe (of course you get scolded for that) and you clean it together, with sound effects that sound more like excavating than cleaning. Afterwards you play some sort of battle game, but with all of the different sound effects (swords, machine guns, horses, everything) I’m really curious as to what the hell you are playing. It sounds like chaos.

The main drama is followed by several one-liner tracks in which Rikuto scolds you some more.

Rikuto is one of the most brilliant characters that I’ve encountered in a long time, and Morita-san his portrayal of him is everything in this CD. If he would have been voiced differently I think this could have become a very different CD, but Morita-san portrays him with so much energy, it is amazing.

Compared to the later CD’s it also sticks to the theme more. It really is all about scolding. In a loving (and hilarious) way of course. Rikuto seems to have a sweet side as well though. When you surprise him by suddenly hugging him from behind, and if he calms down for a moment he sounds really sweet.

The freetalk is just as much fun as the drama itself. And with the same amount of energy. Morita-san begins by saying that it was exhausting, and yelling that the ‘girlfriend’ in this CD pisses him off. After that he says that men want to be manipulated like that though. He continues with his talk theme, which is “how you want to be scolded” but turns that into “how he wants to be praised”. Before that though, he mentions that there are a lot of women in the studio, and asks them whether they want to be scolded, and apparently none of them raises their hand so he wonders why they made this CD.

I’m actually kind of glad I listened to the later ones first, because otherwise I’m afraid I would have been a bit disappointed. This CD is just so much fun, I really recommend it to everyone.

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