Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD Vol.3 Misasa

 あなたがお風呂でのぼせるCD 第3弾 「三朝編」

Company: em2
Based on: Onsen
Released: 2012.04.25

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD is a series that has personified various onsen from all over Japan. By using this CD (which stands for "Compact Dream") the personified spirit of an onsen appears in your bathroom, and takes a bath together with you. This third CD features Misasa Onsen, voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke

The introduction by the Guide (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) is slightly different from before. But just like in the first two CD's you receive one CD, and are instructed to "pause and take a deep breath in case things become too much".

When Misasa pops up in you bath he hasn't even finished introducing himself before you hit him. This causes his glasses to fall off and he panics. When you give him back his glasses he notices that you look quit angry. And that you are naked. And you react by simply closing the lid on you bathtub (some Japanese baths have a cover so that they don't lose to much heat) so he nearly drowns.

When he tries to explain that he is a Onsen spirit you almost call the police, and he desperately tries to convince you that he really is an onsen spirit. After he somehow managed to convince you he explains that he is here to help you relax and/or solve your problems, but you say you don't need anything. In the end he tries to summon onsen tamago for you, but ends up filling half of the room with them.

While Misasa cleans up the place you already enter the bath. Unfortunately you've already finished showering when he returns, so no bathing together this time. In fact, you hardly trust him with anything so he just ends up counting for you.

Misasa really is an adorable awkward klutz during the entire CD. If you don't like hetare characters you might want to stay away from this, but this is one of the character types Hirakawa-san is really good at and he acts out the role brilliantly. Especially the moment when he begs you not to abandon him because he is useless is just too adorable.

His sudden switch into liking you (and becoming a bit more assertive) felt a bit strange to me because up to that point he was too busy being clumsy and awkward. Not that I am really complaining about the kissing part. Or the fact that he is hugging you. Misasa also has the unfortunate habit of releasing steam from his body whenever he is really surprised or gets excited (apparently, the actual onsen is famous for the amount of steam that rises from it's baths?)

Like before the guide pops up in the intermission, but this time he only worries whether everything will be ok. And just like before he and the onsen spirit give you a short tour of the onsen and what it is famous for. It appears it is also famous for re-uniting people, and there are two shrines nearby that help with problems relating to love.

In the freetalk Hirakawa-san talks about how he never expected to voice and onsen and answers the regular questions: Whether there is an item he uses in his daily 'ofuro (bath) life' (a waterproof radio/dvd player), Whether he washes his head or body first (head first, and then his body starting at the neck and working down), Whether he likes his bath hot or more lukewarm (Neither, he always searching for just the right temperature). The most adorable part however is when he says that he would want you to actually take the CD (or at least the counting part) with you in the bath and would be slightly embarrassed but happy if you did.

I can't help but to love this series. Hirakawa-san his acting in this is amazing and I can't help but to finds Misasa endearing. I'm afraid not everyone will agree with me on that though, if you don't like this type of character this CD might no be for you. Going by this CD, the onsen sounds like a very -how should I put this- temperate? mild? bath. I wonder what it is actually like?

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  1. I lovedddd this CD too~~ the words were simple and I absolutely love his cute and awkward character. Just a weird thing, since there were bathroom echoes, it felt a little bit like Raito. Just a little bit. But this one is super adorable ^_^