Sleep x2

 Sleep x2

Company: Cineria
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.05.25
Official Site: http://www.ike-men.net/ci_sleep1.html

Sleep x2 (pronounced "sleep sleep") is a CD that is designed to really make you fall asleep. It's sole purpose is making you fall asleep. This first vol. is voiced by Fukuyama Jun.

The CD itself is very short, only 15min. It is designed however, to loop the third track for as long as you want (or need).

In the first track Fukuyama-san explains how this CD works. The explanation is very simple, and he sounds very sweet while telling you everything. The second track is a sort of introduction part, he asks how your day was, tells you to snuggle into your bed, and helps you with some breathing exercises. Interestingly enough, not by telling you when to breath in or out, but by doing so himself.

The third track is basically just the sound of waves and Fukuyama-san his breathing as if he is sleeping next to you. This initially only backfired on me. My only thoughts were "Eeeeee! It really sounds like he is sleeping next to me!!". But after a short while I got used to it and it really did make me very very sleepy.

The final track is for wake-up use, and is really very sweet. He tries to wake you up, maybe a bit too enthusiastically when you don't immediately wake up, and after that talks to you a bit. It's really cute, and more than anything: seems like a scenario that is very realistic.

The best way to use this is probably by looping only the third track, or making a playlist that repeats that track several times. One loop is 5:30, which is a bit too short to make you fall asleep (unless you are really tired) but two or three times should be good. Of course, you can also choose to have him sleep besides you all night...


  1. Yessss Junjun is very sweet indeed!
    I love his boyish, elegant voice.
    However, sleep-wise, nothing ever still beats Amemakura, volume 3.
    Have you listened to it...?
    It's the most serene, most relaxing, a little bit sweet and ticklish sleep CD for me ^^*

    1. I haven't listened to it (yet). I'm still trying to stay awake through vol.2 xD

  2. I was sleeping on 5 minutes of first track (Maybe Second track I amn' t sure) >W<

  3. does this use the dummy mic?