Weekly News Post

Sasayaki Micchaku
A new Sasayaki Micchaku CD is being released on 2012.08.22. This time it is the bartender Kutsugi Mitsuru (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) who shall be whispering into our ears. His character description stated that he looks like a flirt, but is actually a gentleman. He is a skilled bartender, and can determine what kind of drink or talk his customers want by just observing them.

Akogare no Situation
Another situations CD is on the way, this time the theme is "dakishimeraretai" ( [I] want to be hugged). This time you are working in a pharmaceutical company and have secret relation with one of your co-workers. However due to no-one knowing, his boss tries to talk him into an omiai (arranged marriage)... Exactly how this is going to combine with the theme isn't really clear yet. Also, I'm starting to think the title might refer to something more than just hugging. Or not. We'll see.

Lovers Only
MomoGre is releasing Lovers Only 3. The seiyuu this time will be Midorikawa Hikaru. The story is a love story between a musician and a fan. Due to following her idol for so long she knows that the way he is now heading was not his dream, and thanks to her pointing this out to him he starts to adjust his course. The release is planned for 2012.07.26.

Zoku Toriai Kyoudai
Part two in the renewed Toriai Kyoudai series will have two twins fighting over you. Both will be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke, so I suppose he will use his deeper voice here as well (yaaaaay!). The release is planned for 2012.08.31.

Hitsuji de Oyasumi
Animate lists Hitsuji de Oyasumi vol.24 and 25 - Complete with cover so I guess the official site will be updated soon. Vol.24 is called "kenkouteki de oyasumi" (sleeping healthy) and features two sports type characters voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki and Yasumoto Hiroki. Vol.25 is called "gussuri nereru jiken wo shiyou yo" (let's do an experiment to sleep well) and features two researchers voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki and Hino Satoshi.

In Kurayamigatari the heroine (meaning you) fears that she is possessed by something. You visit a mysteriously beautiful man who calls himself "the storyteller". He tells you that he isn't a medium, but that he will make whatever is possessing you leave you by telling stories. And so he begins to tell various kaidan (horror stories).

The CD will use the dummy head mic, which probably makes it into something close to Kannou Mukashi Banashi 3. My only reaction here is: YESSSS finally they are mixing horror with the dummy head mic again!!! *cough* I haven't been able to find who the seiyuu is, but the release is planned for 2012.07.25.

Best Place
Crownworks is a new name to me when it comes to drama CD's. In Best Plave ~itsumo no taion~ you decide to start leave home due to the school you are enrolled in being far away from home. Discovering that your childhood friend Izumi Kazuya (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) is going to the same school you decide to live together. You've always seen him as something close to a brother, which is why you call him "onii-chan". However your both no longer little kids...

Kazuya is described as having a scary look on his face and often talking though, but he is actually kind and helpful, and someone both you and his friends can rely on. He loves children, and wants to become a teacher. The release date hasn't been announced yet, except for being somewhere "summer 2012".

What would happen if you are stuffed into a box (or crate?) together with an attractive guy? That is basically the idea behind the Hakotsume series. Four CD's are planned and each one lock you up together with a different type of character. The entire CD will be recorded wit the dummy head mic. How exactly the two of you ended up in a box together is still unknown though. There is no official site yet (the release dates come from animate) but I hope it pops up soon.

Vol.1, wich stuffs you in a box together with a knight will be released on 2012.09.26. In vol.2 it is a vampire, and the release will be 2012.10.24. Vol.3 has a kitsune  and will be released on 2012.11.21. And finally in vol.4 a magician will be the one to accompany you, the release of the final CD being 2012.12.26.

Aishite Ageru
Time to be treated like a pet again: Aishite Ageru Vol.3 has been announced. This time you become to pet of Mizushima Takumi(?) (CV: Terashima Takuma) and you are a dog. To be more specific, you are a Great Pyrenees and actually belong to his parents, but they ar on an overseas trip so he is taking care of you. The CD is planned for a 2012.09.26 release.

Meanwhile, Vol.2 got it's own iPhone App a little while back. To my surprise, it is actually fully translated! The app itself is free, but you can buy extra voice packs. There is a touch mode in which Kouhei talks to you, and it also has an alarm function but if you don't buy any of the voice packs it has only one option. I'll do a small review on the App later. Search for "Love me, I'm your pet darling" in your iTunes store to find it. Links to the US and JAP store are below.

Love me, I'm your pet darling  [JAP]

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru
Our bathroom CD series has it's own app too. At the moment it is only available on the Japanese store. An android version was planned, but due to difficulties it has been shelved for now.

The app brings Kusatsu (the character from the first CD, CV: Sakurai Takahiro) to your phone. When you open the app, Kusatsu will be one the screen. When you poke him he'll talk to you. By using the app a lot / poking him a lot he will start to like you and say sweeter stuff.

The app also has a schedule feature. Apparently you can also receive information about certain other series (you can select whether you want to or not in the settings) and the app will add the data to the calendar. It also has an alarm function, up to 6 different alarms can be registered. Other than that you can tweet directly from the app.

あなたがスマホで のぼせるアプリ 「草津編」 [JAP]


  1. I hope Our bathroom CD series has on Andriod soon....

  2. I'm looking forward to sasayki micchaku and zoku toriai kyoudai! Can you tell me which company is publishing hakotsume? The concept sounds interesting, and I tried googling it in Japanese, but I couldn't find it. I think I'll try the ofuro app too. Thanks for always updating on upcoming releases!

    1. Hakotsume is published by Frontierworks (who else, lol) but there is no info on it on their site or an official site yet. The info I have comes from 2ch and animate. I'll update as soon as there is an official site (^-^)

  3. o(^_^)o ghost story and dummy head mic <3 but the hakotsume setting sounds like unique and bizzare at the same time lol

    and the zoku toriai kyoudai no.2 both are voiced by Hirarin O__O! I wonder how he will do the twin role since I always thought Hirarin voice range isn't big at all.

    1. He can go pretty deep when he tries. The difference between him using that characteristic sweet voice and a more normal one can also make him sound quite different.

      I get the feeling that we hear less of his actual voice range because Hirakawa-san gets type-cast a lot. But there definitely are seiyuu with a larger voice range, I'll have to admit that.

    2. Oh, he can definitely pull it off. In fact, in Kichiku Megane he does something similar (it's about an evil pair of glasses that turn anyone into an uber-twisted seme).

  4. Ah, why can't the onsen series app be translated instead of the pet ones. But I have Android anyway so I guess I will have to wait and hope they do some Android apps. Thank you for these weekly posts.

    Being a Hirarin fan but kinda new to drama Cd's, what ones does he use his deeper voice range? Would love to hear them, or maybe I already have a few and don't realize it.

    1. Oh dear, ummm, the DAISUKE series is the only thing that pops up in my mind right now.

      Ummm, ummm, his voice in Kannou Jikan 7 is lower, if you can handle the ero.

      The Kichiku character from Karepetto 3 Character.
      (And while are at it, if you can handle BL, he drops his voice whenever he goes Kichiku in Kichiku Megane as well)

      His role as Hosokawa Tadaoka in Kannou Mukashi Banashi 6.

      Justin in the Crimson Empire tokuten CD's.

      If we are talking about yet-to-be-released CD's, Hirakawa-san voices double roles in both Double Score~Narcissus~ and Zoku Toriai Kyoudai so he'll use a deeper voice there for sure.

      I'm sorry, somehow I can only think of situation CD's and not a single normal drama CD (^-^;;)

      Someone please help me out m(_ _)m

    2. I can't think of any 'normal' drama CDs, but I can think of two other examples.

      In Kichiku Megane (A BL PC game) he effortlessly goes from meek and mild (without glasses) to a much deeper, more intimidating voice (with glasses).

      In Yandere Heaven 2 (another Talk CD) he stays somewhere in the middle of his usual range, but the effect of him going Yandere is definitely very different from his usual self.

  5. Thank you both so much! I'm embarrassed to say I had no clue he was Katsuya in Kichiku as much as I love the chara designs for that whole series, but have never played the games. *Goes to track down some Kichiku Megane voice stuff*