Blood Alone

 Blood Alone

Company: Marine Entertainment
Based on: Manga
Released: 2006.07.21

Blood Alone is based on the manga series of the same name. It is about the vampire girl Minato Misaki and the novelist/detective Kurose Kuroe who takes care of her. Each of the three drama CD's has three stories. Most of the time these stories are not directly connected but more like episodes from their life.

The CD starts with Misaki (CV: Nakahara Mai) waking up and describing what her usual day (night?) looks like. Kuroe (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)is working on a novel that needs to be finished the next day, so in order to help him she goes to search for a lost cat; a request Kuroe got for his detective job. Misaki isn't very succesful in finding the cat though. On the way we also meet the informant Sly (CV: Miki Shinichirou), and his cat side kick Larry.

The second story is a short story that starts with Misaki and Higure (CV: Kobayashi Sanae), who is a very old and influential vampire (but looks like a young boy) , talking about different vampire abilities. Higure teaches Misaki how to use Farumek (a form of hypnosis that can be used to control humans), and we learn what Renfields are (Humans that have drank the blood of a vampire, and therefore become devoted to their blood parent). When Misaki comes home later that night she tries to use farumek on Kuroe to see whether she can really use it.

The third story introduces Sainome Sayaka (CV: Tanaka Rie), a childhood friend of Kuroe. She works as the head of the police forencics department. Kuroe worries about Misaki going out at night often lately, and Sainome seems to know something about it but doesn't want to say. Meanwhile Higure visits Kuroe while Misaki is out to tell him that someone has been hunting (=killing) in his territory, and that he suspects Misaki. Kuroe decides to stalk tail Misaki when she goes out the next night. He loses sight of her, but finds the actual culprit. Through his conversation with Higure afterwards we learn that Kuroe was involved with vampires in his past... Misaki on the other hand, was just visiting Sainome to learn how to knit a muffler.

This series has a very calm, easygoing atmosphere. Some of the stories are more serious, others less serious. Misaki being a young girl and often acting like one also helps to keep the atmosphere light. This atmosphere might be this series greatest charm.

It is obvious that Misaki likes Kuroe, but his feelings are less transparent. He obviously cares for her, but what is exact feelings are is a bit vague. This creates an interesting relation between them. Higure and Sainome also seem interested in Kuroe, although their motives probably differ. Higure his love for male renfields is also... interesting.

The cast talk is fairly simple and cute. The change in Kobayashi-san her voice is quite amazing to hear..

I love the atmosphere in this work. At least for this vol there doesn't seem to be much vampire stuff going on, it is more about how Misaki and Kuroe are living their life, and their relationship.

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