Blood Alone 2

Blood Alone 2

Company: Marine Entertainment
Based on: Manga
Released: 2007.08.24

Blood Alone is based on the manga series of the same name. It is about the vampire girl Minato Misaki and the novelist/detective Kurose Kuroe who takes care of her. Each of the three drama CD's has three stories. Most of the time these stories are not directly connected but more like episodes from their life.

This time the CD starts with a cute valentine story. Misaki (CV: Nakahara Mai) has made Kuroe (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) chocolate for valentine. When she hands him his chocolate he already has a whole bag full of chocolates however (apparently he is popular with the ladies?). Continuing with his work, Kuroe notices her chocolate is missing after a while so he tries to find it, and even tracks back to every place he has been that day. When he returns home however, it turns out Misaki took the chocolate home with he so she could re-wrap it: another one of the chocolates in the bag had the same ribbon.

The second story is what you could call the main story of this CD. It starts with a serial killer on his death row and his lawyer talking just before his execution. Not too long afterwards however, the lawyer his assistant -and lover- Maki (CV: Kobayashi Sanae) is killed in the style of that serial killer.

Sainome (CV: Tanaka Rie) and Kuroe investigate this case together. Sainome discovered that similar killings have been occurring over a period far more than one lifespan, and suspects something supernatural is involved, which is why she asks Kuroe for his help. We also discover that Sainome has the ability to 'see' the memories of a dead person. This is also the first time we get to hear Misaki her vampire personality. Every vampire has a sort of 'vampire personality' or instinct, and it slowly replaces the human one. Misaki her personality is... chilling.

The last story is a more humorous one. Misaki has a nightmare about Kuroe and Sainome marrying (TV show style). When she wakes up Kuroe is gone, so goes to find him. First she kalls Higure (CV: Kobayashi Sanae), who seems to be in the middle of something. Then she goes to see Sly (CV: Miki Shinichirou) who mainly just teases her. The cat from the first episode of vol.1 also makes an appearance. Eventually, it just turns out Kuroe was working.

The first and third story are more humorous, the second one however is serious. And very good. You realize what is going on slightly before the characters do, creating just a little more tension. The atmosphere is still the same calm atmosphere from the first CD. Somehow they manage to both keep this, and create tensions as well.

The cast talk has some fun moments. Morikawa-san liked the third story (where he had several possible bride candidates) and Kobayashi-san (who voiced both Maki and Higure) laughs at both her scenes being bed scenes.

This vol heads more towards the direction of a supernatural mystery in the main story. It feels like there are still things being introduced for use in a later story, but this is a great CD on it's own. I'd recommend listening to all the stories separately though, or at least the second one separately, because they are so different.

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