Koisuru Lesson Series: Hibino Yoshimi no Natural Lesson


Company: Broccoli
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.08.25
Official Site: http://www.broccoli.co.jp/cd/sp/lovelesson/

Koisuru Lesson is a series in which you date your instructor/teacher. Each vol. has a different character that teaches something (cooking, violin, English, etc). The setting is that you are both a student and the girlfriend of said character. There are six CD's in total, divided in pairs, and the characters make cameo appearances in the CD they are paired with.

This CD has Hibino Yoshimi (CV: Ishida Akira) who is a popular painter. Despite his young looks he is actually 30. Th heroine her mother was his teacher at highschool, and he owes much of his popularity to her efforts. Her mother asked Hibino to help the heroine with painting, and that is how you met.

The CD starts with Kokushiro Ayumu (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) ringing Hibino his doorbell. Ayumu is the son of the owner of an art gallery, and came to ask whether his new work is ready. Ayumu is curious about your paintings, so he comes into the atelier to look. Hibino (with your help) teases him a little when he comes inside.

Ayumu talks about Hibino his paintings getting more colour. Hibino himself jokes about it being because he might have found a girlfriend. Of course, it turns out the listener is the rumoured girlfriend.

Hibino takes you on a date/ outdoor class to a museum, where he explains a bit about several paintings. I like the quiet atmosphere that they managed to create during your date.

On your way home it starts to rain, so you have to shelter somewhere. This is the best part of the CD. Hibino seems to worry a lot about being seen together with you, so you start to tease him and ask how much he likes you. And you give each answer a grade. Surprisingly, he actually tries to get a better rating, eventually not even caring about the fact that you are seen when he kisses you.

The most brilliant point is probably Hibino worrying about your parents finding out you are dating, and you replying that your mother already knows. In fact, she was the one who urged you to confess.

Hibino his worrying about whether he is too old for you sort of annoyed me. Although I'm not sure how old you are supposed to be (it kind of makes a difference whether you are 18 or 25). But it is clear that he really likes you.

There isn't much difference between his attitude as a teacher and as your lover. But you get private lessons, so I suppose that is acceptable. He was surprisingly willing to try and get a higher score for his love confessions though, even though he keeps saying he is too old for skinship or saying how much he likes you all the time.

I enjoyed this CD much more than I thought I would, which is mostly thanks to the rating of his love confessions ("40 points? that was worth at least 50"). His final sentence is also amazing. But I still don't like Ishida Akira as a boyfriend, sorry.

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