Kare Pet 3 Chara Talk CD Ore-sama, Cool, Yanki

かれぺっと 3キャラトークCD 「俺様・クール・ヤンキー」

Company: Water Orion
Based on: Mobile game
Released: 2011.09.15

This CD is based on the mobile game 'Kare Pet'. It is a game in which you 'raise' a boyfriend, and depending on the choices you make his character changes. You don't really need the game to understand this talk CD though. I listened the one with Hirakawa-san ages ago, so when I discovered that there was another one I just had to go and listen.

This time the three character types are an ore-sama, a cool type, and a yanki, all voiced by Toriumi Kousuke. The three of them meet in a beer hall (I assume something like a beer garden) to discuss where they are going to take you for the summer. The Yanki doesn't want to tell because he thinks the others will copy him, so in the end that whoever gets you to tell where you want to go wins.

The three tracks after that are short tracks with each of the three characters. The ore-sama type is the only one to actually ask you where you want to go, the other two are just nice scenes with the different guys. Like in the first CD the final track is a track where they become chibi versions, this time so that all of them can get under the parasol with you.

Just like last time the freetalk is the longest track. In the talk Toriumi says he had some trouble getting the difference between the ore-sama and yanki. (Something I have to agree on, I had a hard time keeping them apart).

Just like the first CD, you can understand this perfectly without knowing the game, but knowing it is probably more fun. This is nice to listen to if you like the seiyuu, otherwise you don't really miss anything if you don't listen to this.

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