DAISUKE! ~Senritsu no Brithday! Revenge ni kita Aitsu~

 DAISUKE!~戦慄のバースデー! リベンジに来たアイツ~

Company: Geneon
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.04.21
Official site: http://www.geneonuniversal.jp/rondorobe/music/daisuke

DAISUKE! is a CD in which all characters and their seiyuu have 'Daisuke' as their first name. The setting is the bar 'Dice' (Japanese: daisu) which is ran by Akagi Daisuke and somehow seems to be a gathering point for people with Daisuke in their name.

All of the characters were introduced in the first CD so they don't bother to do it again this time. But to make some short introductions: Akagi Daisuke (CV: Ono Daisuke) is the owner of the bar Dice, Wakaba Daisuke (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) and Touma Daisuke (CV: Sakaguchi Daisuke) work there as parttimers. Yamabuki Daisuke (CV: Kishio Daisuke) is a failure salaryman, and Kurokawa Daisuke (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is a super rich celeb IT manager. To avoid confusion and stop the abuse of the name Daisuke, I'll just refer to them by their last name from now on.

Kurokawa feels somehow defeated by Akagi and thus he comes for revenge! The moment he enters the bar however, he is showered with champagne and birthday wishes. Turns out the rest of the cast was planning to celebrate Touma his birthday and they mistook Kurokawa for him.

The rest of the CD is once again divided between imagination scenes, and what is actually going on at the bar. Each Daisuke imagines how his white day gift would be, with the exception of Yamabuki who imagines you as a married couple with kids for some reason:

Touma takes you on a date to the park
Wakaba performs a tea ceremony for you
Yamabuki takes you out for dinner
Akagi takes you skydiving
Kurokawa gives you an entire resort Island

Of course, all of the 'virtual dates' as they are called are full of lovey dovey romance lines, and the Akagi and Kurokawa ones are hinting a much more.

Meanwhile in the bar, everyone starts to get drunk, leading to more and more chaos and hilarity. Until there is a blackout and Akagi is knocked unconscious by an intruder. It turns out that a certain company has it's eye one the building, and is pressuring him to sell the bar. Just as he tries to say that he probably should sell it and start a new bar somewhere else, Kurokawa stops him.

Turns out Kurokawa was planning on taking revenge by opening a bar close by, so he can't have Akagi leave. The two of them have a drinking contest to decide what will happen to the bar, and both of them drink far too much shots of tequila (with full commentary by Yamabuki). Kurokawa loses, and orders his own company to but the company that was after Akagi his building with a simple phone call.

Like the first CD this is a hectic, chaotic and hilarious CD full of Daisuke in every way possible. I still find the way Yamabuki talks and the way Touma acts annoying, but I have gotten more used to Hirakawa using a deeper voice for his role as Kurokawa Daisuke. I still think it sounds a bit unnatural, but I'm somehow getting used to it, maybe even started to like it a bit.

Again the cast talk is chaotic, and this time there are far too many in-jokes that I don't get. It still is funny to hear them bicker though. There is a tokuten CD (I don't know what it came with) in which they are playing some sort of game. Unfortunately I'm not sure what they are playing, making it a bit difficult to understand

Chaos, Hilarity, and a Daisuke overload all over again. Honestly, there are much better drama CD's out there, but the pure overkill of hearing all of these seiyuu together is amazing.


  1. OH MY GOD ALL MY FAVOURITE DAISUKES IN ONE CD! Will definitely listen to this~!! :D

    Just curious, do you have a twitter account? :)

  2. You should try out the valentine one as well, that one is actually a bit less chaos (but only a bit).

    I do, but I hardly use it and it is completely drama CD free. For now it is mostly a way to keep in touch with my Japanese friends :)