DAISUKE! ~聖なるバレンタインと、キミだけのボクら~

DAISUKE! ~sei naru Valentine to kimi dake no bokura~

DAISUKE! is a cd in which all characters and their seiyuu have 'Daisuke' as their first name. The setting is the bar 'Dice' (Japanese: daisu) which is ran by Akagi Daisuke (CV: Ono Daisuke) and somehow seems to be a gathering point for people with Daisuke in their name. The heroine (ie: you) enters the place to take shelter from the rain and you end up spending your valentine with them. There is a short introductionary talk and then a track in which they imagine going on a date with you for each 'Daisuke'.

What is not to love about a CD which has all of these wonderful seiyuu? I love Hirakawa and Ono Daisuke, know Namikawa Daisuke and Kishio Daisuke fairly well and like them, Sakaguchi Daisuke was the only one I didn't know. But either way, for me this CD was already a hit before I even listened to it.  I'll make a sort review for each of the characters.

Also, am I the only one who melts at the cover?

When you enter one of the part-timers, Wakaba Daisuke (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), welcomes you. Moments later the owner, Akagi Daisuke enters. Turns out he is an incredible womanizer and immediately starts to hit on you, which ends in him picturing a date on a motorcycle. His character is slightly perverted but not in an annoying way, I just can't hate him for it xD The date actually seemed like a lot of fun.

After this first figment of imagination has passed the clumsy salaryman Yamabuki Daisuke (Kishio Daisuke) enters the shop. He is a failure as salaryman, but is working hard to save up for a wedding and money to start a family. The only problem is that he doesn't have a girlfriend yet, but he quickly declares you his 'fated partner'. On his 'date' you go and look at a possible wedding site. I found his character somewhat annoying, but that could be partly because of the way he speaks.

Next is Wakaba Daisuke his story. He admits that he likes cooking and is rather homely, so his date is a date in his room. Which brings us to the absolute most brilliant moment in the CD. Wakadaisuke has a cat, voiced by Ono Daisuke. And OnoD his cat imitation is so bad its hilarious, but the best part is that in the middle of his cat act he switches into Sebastian Mode. HE SWITCHES INTO FULL BUTLER MODE and then continues his cat act xD

Next up is Touma Daisuke (CV: Sakaguchi Daisuke) who is the second part-timer, an underclassman to Wakadaisuke and the youngest of the bunch (18). You go on a date to the amusement park. Maybe because I tend to dislike the kouhai type, or that his cheeky and cheery voice is just too cheeky and cheery, but I didn't like him at all. He almost sounds like a girl while on the roller-coaster o.O

Finally we meet Kurokawa Daisuke (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke - HA! Hirokawa is the main dish 8D Sorry, just ignore my fangirling). Kurokawa is a 32 year old successful celeb IT manager, complete with awesome sports car. Who is also allergic to cats xD As much as I like Hirakawa Daisuke I didn't really like his voice here, it somehow felt forced. But I'm a fangirl so I forgive him almost anything. His part is much to short, BUT he is the only one who actually kisses you 8D

The freetalk is hilarious, if a bit chaotic. They also start to talk about the kanji in the naming (both of the characters and their actual names) so if you don't know much about that it might be very hard to follow. OnoD also does his cat interpretation again, with the rest making fun of him xD

This CD is great because of the cast and the pure overload in 'Daisuke'. The 'story' (if you can call it that) is a bit far fetched but the imagination parts are funny, as are the interactions of all various 'Daisuke'. And to be honest, the entire Ono Daisuke cat-goes-Sebastian-act ALONE makes this worth listening to it.

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  1. So all the 'Daisuke' seiyuu is here, great >.<
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