Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen vol.2: the Prince of Snow White

王立王子学園 vol.2 白雪姫の王子様

Company: R45°project
Based on: Fairytales x School life
Released: 2011.11.15
Official Site: http://rpgakuen.com/

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen (Royal Prince Gakuen, RPG for short) is a school where princes go in preparation of their future career as royalty. That means normal lessons, but also stuff like dancing lessons and other things you might need as royalty. Other than the fact that the entire student body are royal princes, it is a very normal school.

In this series you both spend time together with your main prince, as well as with multiple characters. Each CD features three princes, and you get to spend some quality time together with the 'main prince' as well as some -often funny- lively moments with all three.

This second CD centres on Shirase Yukito (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) who represents Snow White (The first kanji from his last and first name form 白雪 shirayuki, which is Japanese for Snow White). He is normally calm and collected, but when it comes to you he loses his normal character. His family oversees an apple orchard since many generations, but recently they also started a computer company, making him very skilled with computers. And slightly obsessed with them, he gave his to laptops a name.

Yukito his family has an old saying, if they say "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all, please let me meet my special one today" to a mirror, it is said they will meet that person very soon. Yukito does this out of boredom one day, and on his way to school a little later he finds you sleeping somewhere near the school. He wakes you up and because the chime has already started ringing, helps you up and you run to class together.

After that you seem to like him a lot, and apparently you go out of your way to talk to him, confusing Yukito because he thinks he is boring to talk to compared to his two friends Haibara Kouki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and Hiiragi Motochika (CV: Kaji Yuuki). The two of them join you for a few scenes, where especially Hiiragi causes trouble. They turn up in the library and make a lot of noise, waking up the librarian (which is implied to be a very bad thing to do), and more or less invite themselves to the family's apple orchard to pick apples and make apple pie.

This is of course also the scene where Yukito freaks out of you trying to eat an apple, eventually taking a bit of it himself and then giving it to you. Only realizing that that was a very weird action a few moments later.

Despite you clinging to Yukito like an idiot, it doesn't look like he is going to confess, or maybe even realize, his feelings any time soon, so at the end of the CD Haibara and Hiiragi think of a scheme to get you two alone somewhere. Which was completely obvious, and succesful xD

I like the scenes with you and Yukito, but I find the scenes with Haibara and Hiiragi in it a bit too noisy. Mostly because Hiiragi acts like a brat most of the time (Kaji-san even says this in the cast comment). In the last CD he was a genki moodmaker, here he is just annoying. I really like Yukito though, his normal cool but actually just socially slightly inapt ways make him fun to listen to.

Speaking of the cast comment, for no reason at all they end up whispering their comments. Sakurai seems to be having a lot of fun as well, you can hear him laughing in the background when Toriumi-san does his comment.

I a bit torn between I like the parts with you and Yukito, and finding the rest slightly annoying. But overall it is still fun to listen.

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  1. This series seems really interesting. I am learning Japanese so I understand a good amount, but I would love if someone would translate it. ^^ I can't wait to listen to it when I get it.