Yandere Heaven ~karei naru Saionji-ke Hen~


Company: Holic Works
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.12.29
Official site: http://www.hobirecords.com/yandere5/

Yandere Heaven is a series in which you (the listener) become the object of affection of two rather dangerous characters. In the beginning things seem ok, but then their love becomes obsessive. This time you are loved by the twins Saionji Ran (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and Wakasa (CV: Hatano Wataru)

The twins live alone in a mansion, and have completely opposite personalities. Wakasa is very social, but doesn't have a job and instead spends a lot of time photographing things as a hobby. Ran on the other hand hates interacting with people, but will inherit his fathers company and is apparently very good in doing business (without ever leaving the house, I might add). You come to work at the mansion as a live in maid, an arrangement made by their grandmother.

The first time you see them, both Ran and Wakasa are speechless for a moment, but quickly turn back to their normal manners. Ran (much later) tells you that you look very similar to their dead little sister. Ran can keep you and the memories of his sister apart, but he is afraid Wakasa can't.

It is not much later that Ran discovers that Wakasa his entire room is full of pictures of you, and when he confronts him about that Wakasa in return says he know of the app Ran installed on your phone (it tracks where you are and records whatever is said). They both start to argue about how they envy the other, and that they will never hand over you to the other. The result, is that you have to choose which one you will stay with.

This CD was much more subdued that the previous ones. Even the scene where Ran and Wakasa are yelling at each other never gets as insane as Yandere Heaven 3 or 4. Although it was pretty intense. The fact that Ran already sounds scary from the beginning, and that there is little difference between his normal and 'yandere voice' is probably part of that. He does say some very obsessive things though (he is willing to do anything you want, including committing suicide, all you need to do is ask). Wakasa has a more traditional 'I want you all to myself' stance but the difference between his normal social attitude and this strong desire to monopolize things is somewhat amazing. He does however allow you outside to take walks, considerate isn't he?

Overall, I think there was more tension throughout the entire CD, but it sort of lacked a real climax. Or maybe I am just a prisoner to Sakurai his voice, and would follow it to the end of the earth of my free will. Who knows. I absolutely loved the music themes for both brothers though, especially Ran his (yandere) theme.

The cast talk was a lot of fun. Sakurai and Hatano do their cast comment together, talking about the two characters and yandere as a whole. Sakurai says types like Wakasa are bothersome, while Hatano says that he sort of understands the feelings of both characters. Their cast talk is very cheerful, and they obviously had a lot of fun during the recording, in short, the complete opposite of the drama CD itself.

I am kind of curious about the tokuten CDs. There are two of them (one for Animate, and one for Stellaworth) which depict a situation in which you didn't choose either of the brothers and continue to live with the three of you. Hopefully they will show up online sometime soon so I can review those as well.

What can I say? This CD feels a bit more subdued. So for those of you who don't like your yanderes batshit insane, or who have never tried it before, it is probably very good. In fact, if you want to start on this series this might be the best one to begin with. Now that vol.6 is out you should start with that, it is even more subdued.

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