Oujisama ha Tadaima Dekasegichuu

王子はただいま出稼ぎ中 ~知力! 体力! 時の運? 勝ち抜きバトルロイヤル~

Company: Kadokawa
Based on: Lightnovel
Released: 2011.12.21
Official site: http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/fair/201111-03/

*I can't find any official spellings for the names of the characters, and they have some pretty weird names so please forgive me my guessing at the romanization. If anyone does know the correct spelling, please let me know*

Oujisama ha Tadaima Dekasugichuu is a lightnovel series published by Kadokawa Bunko. The story is about the young prince Yuuto who is always trying to earn money to pay off his countries debt. As a result he is usually out doing all kinds of mercenary jobs together with two of his servants. And as it happens Yuuto is rather pretty, so all the guys are after him (or at least, seem to like him a biiiiiit too much).

This time Ciskal (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) show Yuuto (CV: Kaji Yuuki) as pamflet for a tournament in a neighbouring country. Yuuto is lured in by the huge amount of money that is the prize money for the winner, and thus he sets off with his two servants, Tajis (CV: Ono Daisuke) and Iru (CV: Takahashi Hiroki).

The tournament itself is rather strange. You can only participate in groups of three, and not every match is a battle. Things like quizzes are also includes (giving Iru a chance to shine during a largely math related quiz).

Besides the tournament there are also some scenes where Yuuto his sister suddenly shows up, or where Yuuto strays off and meets Karmikal, who is wanted in several countries and seems to be a former acquaintance. And, of course, has a thing for Yuuto.

The characters are all bit crack: Yuuto has the usual "I'm not a girl" complex, while Tajis is always making remarks on how cute he is. Iru is a complete clutz, but highly skilled with magic. Yuuto his sister loves battles a bit too much, Ciscal seems to be always scheming. The opponents in the tournament are even stranger at times, but they usually hardly have more than 2 lines.

Maybe it is because I have never read the novels, but in my opinion it was all a bit run of the mill. Sure there are some funny moments, but I suppose you really need the background of the novels to understand a bit more about the character. (For example, Tajis transforming into a- I don't even know what he transformed into).

If you've read the novels, go and listen. It is a good cast after all. If you haven't, your time is better spend on something else.

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