Weekly News Post

One day late. Managing Christmas holidays at my parents and keeping a steady release schedule turns out to be quite a challenge. Although I have to admit that my PS3 is guilty of stealing some of my time, most of it is taken by amigurumi. I never thought the day would come that I would be crocheting untill 3am because I felt I almost got it this time (as you can guess, I am pretty hopeless with it). But, on to the news.

Kannou Jikan 7
With the start of a new series I expected (hoped?) that Kannou Jikan would end, but instead Hituzigumo just announced vol 7. 春の賛歌と神隠しの岩屋 (Haru no Sanga to Kamikakushi no Iwaya) is a story about a Demon who falls in love with a god and locks her away in a cave. But because he years to see her, he visits her once a year... While I was contemplating whether or not I would force myself to listen this time I noticed the seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke. Damn you Hituzigumo, you just know that I will be forced to listen to it now. The release is set for 2012.03.02. And is that Sesshoumaru on te cover on the right?

While reading up on their blog I discovered that the series would continue; it is stated that it would continue in a blog entry posted on 17 november. But there was anothing interesting (and useless) discovery. Remember Hituzigumo their Aprils Fool joke? The so called exercise video? Yeah, that is Subaru, the character for the first Amemakura CD.

Lovers Only
A somewhat surprising new was announced by Momo & Grapes. Lovers Only is described as a CD "in which popular seiyuu whisper a love story that is slightly adult, just for you". The short summary describes the sales manager Ichiyanagi who goes to a business trip to China with a subordinate (I assume, that will be you). The business part is going well, however during the trip the already married Ichiyanagi falls for his subordinate...  The CD is voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, and is set for release on 2012.02.28.

The official site is now open. There is no real new info, although it does really look like the Therapia will come with the CD in the form of some sort of capsule toy. I hope they'll give more info on that soon.

Meisaku (warai)
It has been quite a while since the last release in the main series, but a new Meisaku (warai) has been announced: アリ&キリギリス (Ari to Kirigirisu, the Ant and the Grasshopper). According to the official blog, the setting will be the same as the manga, which can be read online here. The story seems to be based on this fable, although it will no doubtly be a hilarious reinterpretation as always. No cast info, release date, or other info yet.

Oujisama (warai)
Meanwhile, sample tracks for both Oujisama (warai) Gakuen and 2nd season will be made available each week from now untill Januari 19th. One track for each CD will be added each week.

Arcana Famiglia
Speaking of preview tracks, animate also has some for the upcoming Arcana Famiglie drama CD. Listen to those here.

Negoto Danshi
Vol. 1 and 2 haven't even been released yet and vol.4 and 5 have already been announced. Or maybe they were planned all along, I don't know. Either way, on 2012.02.22 you can listen to Taniyama Kisho and Naruse Makoto acting as cats.

Aishite Ageru-chun!
Finally after a long silence some info! With vol.1 being called, you know, vol.1, I was expecting this but it was awefully silent on the homepage. But vol.2 is a fact. On 2012.03.21 you can go through the experience of being someone his pet bird. Which reminds me, I still need to listen to the first one...

Also, I feel the need to invoke the "mentally dating a pigeon bird" meme. Although this would be a reversal.

Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito
Mujina has 2 new CD's in the works: Toshi Ue Kareshi and Toshi Shita Kareshi. Both centre on you relation with two brothers, but in one CD you choose the older one, and in the other CD the younger one. The interesting part is, each CD is voiced by a different seiyuu doing both parts. In the older brother one, Tachibana Shinnosuke is voicing both brothers, while Sakurai Takahiro does so in the younger brother one.

Of course, this wouldn't be Yukishiro Gakuen if the characters weren't slighty abnormal: The older brother Mukai Takahisa is a do-S, while the younger brother Mukai Yukihisa is both a tsun- and yandere. Both will be will be released on 2012.01.25, but are also already available at next week's winter comiket.

Does anyone realize what this means? It means Sakurai will be voicing another yamdere character!! (>w<)

Tiny x Machinegun
Animate gives us more release dates for Tiny x Machinegun, the Ninomiya Ai x Rejet collaboration. I already posted about the first drama CD "Knockdown", but Animate lists two more: vol.2 "Shades of Grey" (2012.04.25 release) and vol.3 "Blood and Cirsusses" (2012.06.27 release).

Lu Lu Lu x 81
81 produce is collaborating with Shogakukan to turn several stories into drama CD's. A contest was hold where from readers could submit their own story, winners get their story published and turned into a drama CD. The winner out of 113 stories and the first drama CD is 'Samurai Neety', which will be released on 2012.03.21. The 81 produce special price went to 'Meguriau Monotachi ~Sengokujidai kara ohasashiburidesu~

Ikemen Oo-oku
And another mobile game is getting dramatized! In Ikemen Oo-oku you somehow became a stand-in for the Shogun (no seriously, how did that happen?!?). Luckily you have a harem of 9 pretty guys to help you through the situation. 4 drama CD's are planned, and they will be released from 2012.02 to 2012.05

Risou Kareshi
It will be a while before this will be released, but I figured it is worth mentioning. For a while now something called 'Risou Kareshi (Ideal Boyfriend)' has been listed on the animate online shop. The concept is that you could say what your ideal boyfriend would be like, and based on what everyone submitted they would make a drama CD. And now finally some details have been announced:

There will be 3 CDs, each with a different character type. The first one is the 'cool' type, voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. His character works as a docter and his hobby is cooking. The second type is a 'hot blooded'character, voiced by Ono Daisuke. His character is an athelete (sport unknown) and his hobby is music. The seiyuu for the third vol hasn't been announced yet, but the character is a 'naive type', who works in the entertainment idustry and once again has cooking as a hobby (I guess our ideal boyfriend is good at cooking).

As for the release dates, you'll have to wait another 6months before you can date these ideal boyfriends: the first CD is set for 2012.06.27, and the second one for 2012.07.25.


  1. "(I guess our ideal boyfriend is good at cooking)"

    ...fuu-- yeah, that's totally right. My friend and I someday noticed my ideal husbando would be like Suzuya from Starry Sky; soemone who can cook very well /D Looking forward to most of the Drama CDs, but especially the game of Tiny x Machinegun and its Drama CDs~


  2. Thank you for the news ^.^

    I'm getting more and more excited for the Oujisama (warai) series! The preview was interesting ^.^