Weekly News Post

Tap Trap Love
A teaser site for Tap Trap Love has been opened, although there is nothing there yet except for a larger version of group illustration and the announcement that 'the site will be opened soon'. Ah well, at least we have some eyecandy now (the three on the right are already my fav characters~)

A 'trial disc' will also be sold at the winter comiket, so we will get a chance to meet the characters this year.

Kippei his character illustration is finally up! Visit the official site to see a larger version.

I'll be honest, his design isn't quite to my liking, but I'm still interested in the concept, so I might still give it a try.

Taiga (CV: Taniyama Kisho) his voice sample has been added to the official site, go and listen if you're interested!

O.To.Na Gentei
The seiyuu for the second O.To.Na Gentei Penalty CD have been announced on the official site: the ore-sama character will be voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou, and the kichiku character by Toriumi Kousuke. Toriumi-san voicing a kichiku is probably lethal... I am looking forward to this. 

a CM for vol.2: Kousaka Otoya (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) has been added to the official site, you can listen to it here. It sounds exactly like the first cm (with the airplane sound and everything) so I expect that we will be getting a video version for this one as well some time soon.

Kareshi Igai
CM's for vol. 2 have been added to the official site. They are pretty funny so go and listen if you like, There is a CM for Makabe (the title character) his subordinate Asahi, and a staff member from an izakaya. The page with the CMs is here. It sounds like the CD won't be voiced by just one seiyuu this time; Kibe Shouta will be voicing Asahi and Ishii Satoshi who voices the izakaya staff member from the last CM will also appear in the CD.

Kiss x Kiss
And the series continues! vol. 19, 20, and 21 will go on sale on 2012.01.10, (I think this is honestly the longest series I know, is it ever going to end??)

Vol.19 is titled 'onii-chan kiss" and is voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke. His character, Ishikawa Yuuki, is a university student. He is described as gentle and calm, but at times stubborn. The one thing that confuses me is that his character description says that '"He's dating his childhood who friend who's also his best friend's sister".  (thank you anon for translating this into a proper sentence) But... does that mean that there is another woman in his life? Nothing will get between me and Hirakawa-san (his voice) 

Vol.20 is titled 'endless kiss' and is voiced by Fujiwara Keiji. His character, Hara(?) Yoshihito, is a bit older (38) and he runs a bar somewhere close to the sea. Probably due to his freewheeling personality, his bar doesn't have any set opening hours but still prospers. Interestingly enough, this is actually the second time that Fujiwara-san voices a character in this series: he also did the very first vol.

Vol.21 is titled 'hat trick kiss' and is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa. He voices Komiya Akira, who is a soccer player (position: forward). He plays wild and aggressive but has the skills to back this up. Unfortunately he also has a habit of using abusive language towards opponent players or the referee due to his quick temper.

or if you use the full title: いきなり同棲シリーズ 癒しの妖精セラピア (Ikinari Douryou Series: Iyashi no Yousei Serapia, Sudden Housemates Series: Soothing Fairy Therapia. That sounds horrible in English...). The official site describes "Therapia" as a sort of fairies who dwell in small items such as cellphone straps and magnets. And in this series they will be dwelling in items in your home. Vol. 1 has therapia dwelling in a cold medicine (CV: Yusa Kouji) and your shampoo and conditioner (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko and Kimura Ryouhei). Vol.1 will go on sale on 2012.2.22, but we'll have to wait for the official sit to be updated for any more info.

Tiny x Machine Gun
IM Label and Rejet are collaborating for a drama CD x game project, and the outcome is Tiny x Machine Gun. Set in New York City, the Tiny McDaniel (CV: Tamura Yukari) joins the special police force her brother Reygand (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) is in, and together they get involved in cases surrounding former police officer and now wanted criminal Midou Zen (CV: Fujiwara Keiji). Other characters include the officer Wolf (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), mysterious lady Maria (CV: Orikasa Ai), the mayor's son Ryan Jenkins (CV: Miki Shinichirou) and a character named 'Blake' (presumably, there is no official romanization yet. CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

The first drama CD (cover on the right) will go on sale on 2012.02.29 and will feature the quest characters Tom and Jelly (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou and Yonaga Tsubasa). Yes, their official names are Tom and Jelly (romanization fail xD) Go check the official site if you don't believe me (^-~)

IM Label
On the 24th and 25th IM Label will be hosting some sort of Christmas event/ special content on their hoe page. The theme is "This year's Christmas is Girls Only!" so visit the site on the days above to see what Nonimiya-san has thought of this time.


  1. For KissxKiss 19, I think it's supposed to be "He's dating his childhood who friend who's also his best friend's sister." Same person, they just have to date in secrecy? Sorry if I'm wrong, I still kinda suck at Japanese myself..

    On another note, thanks for all the wonderful news~ I feel like I stalk this blog as well as your tumblr way too much ^^;;

  2. Yes, same person, I just fail at translating that part. Do you mind if I borrow your translation?

    But that still leaves me with the question: is that supposed to be you (and are you calling him onii-chan because of that) OR is that another person entirely...

  3. Oh yeah go for it haha.

    I'm pretty sure you're just calling him onii-chan because he's your brother's friend so that sort of makes him an older brother figure as well? ^^

  4. I hope so... otherwise it doesn't make sense to me (seeing as he is kissing you in the CD...)